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Blogs are great sources for honest, authentic information from people who have experience with what they’re writing about. There are tons of blogs online; it’s estimated there are 600 million! With that many to consider, how do you know which blogs would be helpful for you to read? Well, lucky for you we’ve filtered through the trucking blogs to find some of the best blogs about trucking. Check out our list of top blogs about trucking that you should start reading to increase your transportation industry knowledge. (If you know of a great blog we missed, contact us to let us know)

Top 15 Trucking Blogs: For New Truckers, Women in Trucking and More

Blogs about Trucking in General

1. Trailer Talk

The author of Trailer Talk is a little different from the other writers on our blog list. This blog writer is actually a journalist, who has experience writing about the trucking industry throughout most of his career. So, he doesn’t have the actual experience of what it’s like to drive a truck, but he knows a lot about the industry, possibly even more than some truckers because of the wide range and variety of pieces he has written. Trailer Talk covers a wide range of topics, mostly current events and news, but some of the most recent posts include:

  • This Fleet Promotes Good Causes with Vinyl Graphics
  • ‘High-Water Vehicles’ Take Many Forms in Harvey Rescue Work
  • ‘Oh, Shift’ What Slamming on the Brakes Will Do

2. Daniel S Bridger’s Trucking Blog

Spending 36 years total in the industry (23 of those as a trainer) he has experience with most aspects of trucking such as safety, hiring and more. From owning three businesses himself, Bridger has experience in operating a company, bookkeeping and other fundamentals to add to his list of experiences, which some of these other bloggers might not have. Some of the popular posts on his trucking blog are:

  • What is the Real Cost per Mile Trucking?
  • How to Refurbish Your Pickup Bed Liner
  • Keep your Mind from Zoning Out on the Road

3. Roadmaster

This CDL training/driving school provides an education-based blog for truck drivers, both new and experienced. Their blog is frequently updated with information about current events, transportation industry news, driving tips and more. Some of Roadmaster’s interesting posts are:

  • Truck Drivers Help Hurricane Victims
  • Why Are There So Many Truck Driver Jobs Available?
  • 5 Signs You’re Meant to be a Truck Driver

4. Overdrive

Overdrive is a magazine completely dedicated to serving the trucking industry information about transportation news, regulations and other every day business that concerns drivers and owner-operators. This trucking blog is specifically helpful for drivers of all types because they cover such a wide range of topics. Some of their current posts are:

  • Can I get the 411?
  • After ATA-Organized Event, Trump is Getting an #ELDorMe Tweetstorm
  • Bait and Switch in Mammoth Proportions

5. Trucker’s Report

Although it is not quite a blog, Trucker’s Report is a forum for truckers to post all sorts of information that is still valuable for truck drivers. The forums vary by category, including:

  • Good & Bad Trucking Companies
  • Owner Operators
  • Occupation Specific Discussions (flatbed, LTL, Car Hauler, etc.)
  • Trucking Marketplace
freight bill factoring

6. Smart Trucking

The editor of Smart Trucking decided to start a truckers guide to help new truckers understand the ins and outs of the industry, as well as provide advice to experienced truckers on how to get the most out of their jobs. In addition to their trucking blog, Smart Trucking offers career guides, posts job openings, provides some legal advice and more. Their blog has information from truckers who know what it’s like to work in the industry and can offer advice to other truckers based on their experiences. Some posts include:

  • How I Use the Jake Brake
  • Safety Tips for a Truck Vehicle Driver
  • Truckers Need Vacations for Good Mental Health

7. Truckers of Reddit

If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, it’s a forum-based website cover pretty much any topic. It can be a great source of information (although mostly opinion) or entertainment. Truckers of Reddit is where (you guessed it) truckers can post questions or thoughts about trucking and have other truck drivers respond to those posts. While it isn’t necessarily a trucking blog, it is a very useful website for truckers to use. For example, some of the forums that are popular for truckers on Reddit at the moment are:

  • “What’s your weirdest snack?”
  • “How do you manage your sleep schedule?”
  • “I want to start trucking in 2018. Can someone offer me advice for job search?”

8. Platinum Drivers

Platinum Drivers, Inc. is driving and placement agency for the transportation industry, with various locations throughout the U.S. Their blog dives into the trucking industry in a variety of ways to provide information for truck drivers. With experience in teaching and placing driver in the trucking industry, we’ve put them on our list of best trucking blogs because of their informative posts. To name a few:

  • On a Long Haul? Here’s How You Can Stay Alert
  • The Importance of Experiencing New Places
  • Things Truck Drivers Should Check Before Leaving

9. Odyssey

Odyssey is a transportation logistics company that works in a variety of industries, such as food, energy, medical and more. They have operations around the world, making them a diverse business. The post to their blog page frequently about weather related news that affects the transportation industry, different industry trends, events and more. Some of their posts are:

  • 10 Tips for Environmentally Friendlier Freight
  • 5 Tips for Freight Capacity Management this Fall
  • Global Cyberattack: Impact to Logistics

10. Trucker to Trucker

This trucking blog covers many different topics because they are a sales platform to sell and buy trucking equipment, parts and trucks. They also offer website design and promotion services for companies, so their involvement with the many aspects of running a business, and understanding trucks as a whole, gives them experience and ideas to post to their blog. Some of their blog posts include:

  • Tips to Advertising Your Truck on Trucker to Trucker
  • Manage Your Fleet Disposal: How to Maximize Results using an Online Marketplace
  • Price Negotiating Tips

Blogs for New Truckers

11. Trucking Truth

With plenty of posts for new truckers, this blog is focused on the reality of life on the road. Authors of the TruckingTruth’s blog posts are experienced truck drivers and they give honest advice that can be helpful for truck drivers who have little to no experience. In addition to the helpful blog, they cover topics on their website about CDL training, offer trucking company reviews, have a truck driving glossary and more. Some of their interesting posts were:

  • Drivers Share Their Biggest Misconceptions and Surprises About a Career in Trucking
  • Trucking at Night Versus During the Day
  • One Critical Piece to the Puzzle of Success in Trucking

12. Trucker Dump

Trucker Dump is a podcast/blog written by trucking veteran Todd McCann. He has been in the transportation industry since 1997, giving him 20 years of experience under his belt. While he has operated as a solo driver, he has also driven as a team with his wife. If you’re an o/o, this isn’t the blog for you though. McCann only has experience driving for trucking companies. This blog is great for new truck drivers because he posts relatively frequently about important topics all truckers should know before they hit the road. If you don’t have time to read this blog, don’t forget that you can listen to it in podcast form. Some of Trucker Dump’s recent posts include:

  • Advice for New Truckers (Part 1 and 2)
  • When, Why and Where Truck Accidents Happen
  • How to Find a Great Truck Driving Job

13. Armada Trucking Group

Armada Trucking has a great blog for new truckers that covers all the rules of the road (written and unwritten) for drivers whom are new to trucking. The small trucking company in California publishes posts to their blog a few times a month, making it easy to follow and stay up to date with. The recent trucking posts they’ve written are:

  • Staying Safe While on the Road
  • Mastering Night Driving
  • How to Combat Road Rage

female trucker

Female Trucking Blogs 

14. Real Women in Trucking

Real Women in Trucking started in 2010 with the mission to form a unity and support system for women who are truckers or who are just joining the industry. They want to improve the lifestyle of trucking by uniting truckers, both men and women. Desiree Wood, the president and founder of Real Women in Trucking began writing about her experiences as a single mother in the trucking industry through various blogs, which evolved into Real Women Trucking with Sandi Talbott (vice president). In addition to their blog, they have CDL training info, special events and news articles. Some of the helpful posts include:

  • Expedited Loads: 5 Tips for Fast Negotiations
  • 5 Regulations that Affect Your Trucking Business the Most
  • How to Make a Trip Sheet

15. Women in Trucking

Founded in 2007, the Women in Trucking Association is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating diversity in the trucking industry. They have a wide variety of resources, such as videos and webinars. There are two blogs about trucking on their website, both focused on women as their audience. “Ellen’s Blog” has posts about leadership, honesty, risk taking and more, while “Driver’s Blog” has other general posts for females in the transportation industry, which include:

  • The Pros and Cons of Pets on the Road
  • Trucking, The Great Pride Builder
  • UV Rays and Trucking

Transportation Financing

Now that you have some interesting and helpful trucking blogs to read, study up on the best load boards (when you’re not reading blogs, of course). Helping you succeed in the transportation industry is a goal of ours, so if you’re ready to start factoring loads, contact us.

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