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Owning your own business can be the ultimate reward, but it certainly comes at a cost sometimes. Financial obligations like payroll, business taxes, vendor invoices and office overhead are continuous necessities that require attention.

Slow paying customers can hinder steady, positive cash flow, thus hurting your bottom line. If this sounds familiar, invoice factoring might be the answer to getting immediate cash for outstanding invoices.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is the process of selling your outstanding receivables to a factoring company. The invoice factoring company provides an instant cash advance of up to 98%. Fees and advance amounts are typically based on volume.

Factoring isn’t a loan. It’s getting paid sooner for products/services you’ve already provided, instead of having to wait 30+ days for clients to pay their outstanding invoices. Unlike bank loans, funding happens in as little as 24 hours and approval is a cinch, even for those with bad credit or businesses just starting out. If you’ve been declined for other types of funding, you’ll likely be approved for factoring.

Factoring invoices is a flexible option for many business owners. You can use factoring on a short-term basis to boost cash flow immediately or continue for as long as you need it. No minimum volumes are required & you’re not required to factor all of your clients.

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Is Factoring Invoices Right for Your Company?

If you have cash tied up in unpaid invoices, factoring may be right for you. Additionally, with the United States factoring industry being quite large, you want to make sure you choose the right company. We work with companies in nearly every industry that bill other businesses for their service. Industries we serve include trucking, construction and subcontractor businesses, temporary staffing, manufacturing, oil and gas firms, and many more. All you need to start is the following:

Copies of invoices you wish to factor

Current customer list and aging

Articles of Incorporation

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, established or just starting up. There’s no reason to wait for 30, 45 or even 60 days for customers to pay. Gain working capital today for the ability to explore new opportunities for growth and success! Getting started is easy. We’ll get you a quote within minutes and get you on the path to cash flow stability.

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Gain Control of Your Business Operations

Gain Control of Your Business Operations

In addition to advancing cash on receivables, many factoring companies will handle the collections process for their clients. This helps to streamline payments between the customer, factor, and the client and encourages prompt payment. In addition, when a factor takes over the entire collections process its clients can focus more attention on growing their company without worry.

Utilizing factoring services can also help you gain control of your business by building your credit! Since factoring isn’t a loan, not only are you reducing debt, but you’re improving your credit by selling and receiving payment for assets. If you’re a new business or have had a rocky period, invoice factoring is a great option to help rebuild a solid financial foundation.

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