Fuel Advances for Trucking Companies

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Whether you have a business in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Brookings, Pierre, Deadwood, or anywhere else in South Dakota, Factor Finders can help you get the working capital you need by matching your business with the top South Dakota factoring companies!

Regardless of where your business is located, we’re here to help. Provide quick cash flow for your business with invoice factoring and make an impact on the industry you’re in. As an alternative to bank loans, we’ll help you operate your business more effectively.

Unlike traditional bank loans, factoring companies in South Dakota provide access to fast, debt-free financing. A South Dakota factoring company will buy your invoices at a discount, and then bill your clients. After your customers pay the factoring company, you will get the discount returned to you, minus a small factoring fee.

Fuel Advances with Truck Factoring

Not all trucking factoring companies offer a fuel advance program. Thankfully, we know who does.

We understand our trucking and transportation clients need cash for fuel FAST. Fuel advances ensure you’ll never fret over covering fuel costs again. With fuel advances, trucking companies have the ability to haul more loads and accept better loads. This is because you’ll receive funding before delivery. That’s right – with a fuel advance program,  you’ll receive cash to cover your costs when you pick up a load.

Truckers that factor freight bills can immediately enroll in a free fuel card program.

How do Fuel Advances Work for Truck Drivers?

  • Pick up the load and send a copy of documentation to factor (usually a copy of rate confirmation & copy of Bill of Lading)
  • Truck factoring company confirms the load has been picked up by you
  • Receive your fuel advance instantly (between 40 to 50 percent)

The fuel advance allows you to have enough cash to fill up before even delivering the load. All freight factored loads are eligible.

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Fuel Advances Available on All Factored Loads

Gone are the days of passing on higher paying loads (or settling for smaller loads) because you’re low on cash for fuel and stuck waiting for past invoices to be paid.

Partnering with freight factoring companies provides the fast funding necessary for owner-operators and transportation companies to build a profitable business. Whether you need cash to pay drivers, cover fuel costs, fund maintenance and repairs, or just pay day-to-day expenses, factoring loads enables you to access the money the very same day.

More Than Just Advances

Fuel Cards to Save on Fuel Costs

Without a doubt, truckers cite fuel as their largest business expense. Fuel advance programs are the perfect solution for truckers who can’t afford to wait for slow-paying customers. Factoring companies that offer fuel cards and fuel advances ensure truckers can get on the road… and stay there. However, the benefits of factoring for trucking companies go far beyond cash for fuel.

Factoring provides free fuel cards for trucking companies.  Fuel cards offer fuel rebates at nearly all major truck stops in the United States and Canada. Truckers can save thousands each year on their fuel costs.

You’ve got the fuel handled, so now it’s time to find your next load. Check out our guide for finding an online load board.

Choose Factoring

Need instant cash for your trucking company? It’s time to work with a truck factoring company that will get you the cash you need with the trucking factoring benefits you deserve! Some of the benefits of working with a trucking factoring company are:

  1. Same day funding
  2. No reserve funding – receive a full advance on freight bills
  3. Month to month contracts
  4. Freedom to pick & choose which freight bills to factor
  5. No minimum volumes
  6. Free credit checks
  7. Fuel cards for truckers
  8. Factor only the truck invoices you want – no minimum truck factoring requirements

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