Service Providers Factoring

Factoring for Service Provider Companies

Service providers don’t always get paid on time. Sometimes, they are waiting 30-90 days to get paid by their customers. Do you have a service provider company that that could benefit from more working capital? Look no further. At Factor Finders, we work hard to find you the best factoring company for your niche.

The factoring process is easy. First your business will go through a brief approval process. Once approved, your business will send completed work invoices directly to the factoring company. The service factoring company will then advance your business 70-95% of the invoices to you. The rest will be held in a reserve. Your customers will then pay the factoring company directly for the invoices. Once received, the reserve will be released back to you minus a factoring fee.

The Factor Finders Difference

Whether you have a staffing, accounting, consulting, or any other type of service business, we can get you the funding you need in minutes. Our services are specialized to you. We will listen to what it is that your business does, then we will match you with a factoring company based on your niche. We put you to a direct line with a service provider factoring company so you can get started factoring. Your business can get approved and funded in as little as 3-5 days.

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Benefits of Service Provider Factoring

When working with a service provider factoring company, the possibilities are endless. We have the tools to get your business funded in just a few short days.

The Benefits are Endless:

  • Same-day once you are approved
  • More money for operating expenses
  • The ability to build credit
  • Endless business growth
  • Lowest rates
  • Dependable account managers
  • Accommodates slow-paying clients
  • Funds for unexpected costs

Service Provider Factoring for Any Niche

Virtually any B2B business can get the service provider factoring services they need.

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants/CPAs
  • Actuaries
  • Architects
  • Business Consultants
  • Educational Service Providers
  • Engineers

Don’t see your niche listed here? No worries. Give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

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