The Best Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

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For those of you who have bought gifts for truckers in the past, you know that it’s not easy to come up with new ideas for every gift-worthy occasion, birthday or holiday. If this is your first time giving a gift to a trucker, it can be fun to think of ideas for what they might want or need, but sometimes you want to come up with a super unique gift idea.

Whether you want to make a present yourself, get something practical for life on the road or have a good laugh by giving a funny gift to a truck driver, we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive list is full of ideas to help you pick out the best gifts for truckers.

The Perfect Gifts for Truck Drivers

Practical and General Gift Ideas for Truckers

GPS Specifically for Truck Drivers

A GPS is a great gift for anyone who drives long distances for work or for pleasure, so it’s basically a perfect gift for a commercial vehicle driver like a trucker. Most smartphones have built-in GPS navigation, but they lack specifics that are important for truckers. There are tons of different GPS systems to chose from, but remember that there a some specifically for commercial vehicles. Since trucks have different requirements from regular cars, a specific GPS system for a truck driver can be a life changer.

Shower Caddy

Getting a trucker a shower caddy isn’t the most glamorous gift you can buy, but it is definitely a practical present for a driver who spends days on the road.  Take your pick from the hundreds of shower caddies you can buy online or in stores, but remember, a soft-sided one will be easier to squeeze into a small space on a truck, rather than a hard plastic caddy. You can also fill the caddy with new body wash, soap, shampoo, wash cloths; you can even buy a fast drying towel.

XM Radio

Purchasing a subscription to satellite radio for a truck driver is the perfect way to make sure they’re entertained while working. SiriusXM regularly offers new subscriber discounts, so give the gift giving that lasts beyond the holiday or special occasion you’re celebrating.

Electric Blanket

For those chilly winter months, a heated blanket that can be used in the bed of a truck is a great gift to keep the trucker you love warm and cozy. They make different kinds of heated blankets that are 12 volts for trucks or that are battery operated themselves, so the he/she doesn’t have to worry about killing their truck battery from using the blanket. Since there are laws against idling, it’s hard to stay warm in a truck and these types of gifts can make sleeping in a truck bearable in the cold.

New Mud Flaps

You can get personalized mud flaps made for a truck that would make a wonderful gift. This isn’t the kind of present a lot of truckers would think of purchasing themselves, and it can be a nice surprise. There are different color options, phrases and logos you can put on mud flaps to really make a trucker’s ride their own.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Monitoring tire pressure on a commercial vehicle is important for safety, fuel purposes and to prevent premature tire wear and tear, so why not gift a tire pressure to a trucker you know this holiday season. Although this may be a more expensive gift, it can help a truck driver or owner-operator save money in the long run, which is always great.

New Sheet Set

New bedding for a trucker’s semi is the gift of comfort. Typically, twin or twin XL sized sheets will fit the bed of a truck. If you want to take this gift one step further, you can get a new sleeping bag to go with the sheets as well. Don’t forget the pillow case!

Check out a list of supplies every truck driver should have for more ideas of practical gifts.

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Gifts to Make a Truck Driver’s Life Easier

Bluetooth Headset

Talking on the phone while driving is not only dangerous but against the law in some states. If you want to make a trucker’s life easier, consider buying them a hands-free headset to talk on the phone. Think of it this way; if you buy the trucker in your life a Bluetooth device for their phone, they won’t have any excuse to not answer when you call. It’s a win-win! Don’t know which headset is the best? Here are the five best Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers.

Seat Cushion

It can get pretty uncomfortable to sit in the same position for a long period of time, especially if you’re driving. There are so many different types of cushions you can buy for a truck seat that make the perfect gift. If you want to go above and beyond expectations, you can even get a massage chair to improve circulation.

Portable Mini Refrigerator

Having a refrigerator in the truck can make a driver’s life so much easier. It gives them the ability to pack options they like and eat healthier while saving time. If you want to buy a fridge for a trucker as a gift this holiday season, it is suggested that you go down the 12 volt route (like the heated blanket). There are different options from Coleman, Koolatron and others that are easy to use, even with a cigarette adapter.

Compact Microwave

Much like the above, gifting a trucker with a small microwave for their vehicle can help them deliver loads quickly, while still being able to eat tasty food. If they have the ability to store food in a fridge, they can heat up pizza, pasta, vegetables or whatever else they want without having to go into a restaurant.

Slow Cooker

Like the microwave, there are slow cookers that are compatible for commercial vehicles that make a great gift for truckers. Simply put in the ingredients, turn it on, drive all day and there is a delicious, homemade meal at the end of the day. Save the leftovers in the fridge and heat them up in the microwave. Fast food is easy to get sick of, but without a lot of time to have a sit down meal, the mini fridge, microwave and slow cooker are unique gift ideas to keep a trucker you know full and content.

Gloves for Touchscreens

With smartphones increasing popularity, the touchscreen has become more and more popular for daily use. In the winter months though, touchscreens are a force to be reckoned with. Gloves that are made for them are the perfect cold-weather gift for a trucker so they can keep their hands warm if they quickly need to type a text or check their phone for route updates, new emails, or even just the time. You can find a pair of gloves like this for as little as $1.50, so it can be a cheap gift idea, as well as practical.

DIY Gifts for Truckers

Do-it-yourself gifts for truckers are always a fun, creative option for the gift giving season. Who doesn’t love a homemade gift? Especially if you’re away from home, having an item that came from someone you care about always reminds a driver of why they do what they do. DIY gifts are a one-of-a-kind option that can also save you some money.

Personalized Coffee Mug

There are a few different ways that you can gift your trucker with a personalized coffee mug. You can go to a photo website, such as CVS photo, and have them print out a picture of you and the trucker in your life, right onto a mug. The DIY option though is a little more fun. You can decorate a mug yourself using permanent markers and bake the mug in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes for the design to stay permanently.

This is a great way to design a mug specifically for a trucker’s interests. If a particular quote has a special meaning, you can write that on the mug. Another idea is to look up the latitude and longitude of a particular location (such as your home or where you and the trucker you love met) and write it on the mug to always remind them of where they belong when they’re traveling. Pinterest has some other great ideas to inspire your DIY coffee mug designs.

Tie Blanket

If you want to give a trucker the gift of comfort and make it yourself, the fleece tie blanket is an option that might not be very unique, but definitely doesn’t disappoint. First, head to your local craft or fabric store and pick out your two pieces of fleece. Two yards of fleece should be big enough. You’ll lay the two pieces on top of each other, and cut out a square about three to four inches in, from each corner. Then, cut slits through both pieces of fabric about 3 inches in to make fringe around the perimeter and tie them together in a double knot.

Tip: Buy yourself some new fabric scissors while you’re at the store getting the fleece. It’ll make your life much easier when you’re cutting through two layers of fleece. Check out this post from Instructables for a more in-depth how-to.


A keychain is a great way for a trucker to personalize an item they always look at or have on them. Think of it a representation of your personality that everyone can see. So, a DIY keychain for a trucker is a gift idea that is made with love and is thoughtful. This gift can be as easy or complex as you’d like to make it. One of the easier options is to simply make a keychain with some string and beads. This is a great idea for a child to make a gift for a trucker they love. You can also make a DIY keychain from braiding leather, using old wine corks or making a pom pom from yarn to name a few.

Recipe Booklet

Creating a recipe book can be a way to include many other people in a gift for a truck driver. If everyone comes up with a few recipes that can be done using a slow cooker or microwave (see above), an easy-to-use recipe book for the road can be easily assembled. Remember to think about breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even snacks. After you have all the recipes, you can put them into a word document, make a creative cover and laminate it to withstand the inevitable spills.

Funny (but Useful) Gifts for Truckers

Cup Holder Swivel Tray

A tray table or cup holder for the cab of a truck is a very useful gift, especially if you decide to go with the theme of “food” this gift giving season. There are a wide range of these, with some having a whole tray table or just the cup holder. Giving a trucker more space is always good. Most range from $12 to $40, but make sure you read the reviews before you purchase because the last thing a trucker wants is a malfunction that throws their drink or food onto their lap while they’re driving.

Fast Food Gift Cards

Gift cards are always an option if you’re short on time or run out of ideas for a trucker. Although it is important to try to eat healthy while away from home, sometimes drivers need to just run into a fast food chain and grab a quick bite to eat. Fast food gift cards for their favorite places are a gift you know will be used. You can put as much money as you want on them, so it can be a cheap gift idea for a truck driver as well.

Travel John

With a name like “travel john” it’s easy to guess that it’s a disposable urinal. This is a funny gift for a trucker that everyone can get a laugh out of. You can get them on Amazon, from Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens and other places. Depending on the amount and size you get, the Traveljohn! ranges from about $4 to $18. You never know when it might come in handy.


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