Invoice Factoring for Clothing & Textile Companies

Factor Finders Can Help Your Clothing Company Grow

Factor Finders is here to help both new and proven clothing designers meet their cash flow needs through clothing and textile invoice factoring. Textile importers and exporters often face months of waiting for customers to pay.

We understand these cash flow difficulties and offer invoice factoring to assist you. With invoice factoring, the most innovative designers get cash in days, not months. Don’t wait for months to collect on your invoices. We help textile designers shorten the cycle between invoicing & payment, which helps you take care of your own costs quickly & stress-free.

Factor Finders can connect you with a factoring expert experienced in the clothing and textile industry. We have a presence that allows us to complete the initial set-up process quickly. In fact, the process is so fast, wire transfers are often completed in 24-48 hours.

In just one day, you can receive an advance on your invoice for up to 90% of the value. Your customer will then pay the factoring company directly, at which point you’ll receive the balance of the invoice value, minus a fee for factoring. Our partners even offer non-recourse options for you, allowing you to get cash even if they never receive customer payment.

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Improve Liquidity with Textile Factoring

Clothing and textile invoice factoring improves – rather than hinders – the liquidity of your business’ cash flow. You can expect these benefits with clothing and textile factoring:

  • Generate cash with your invoices in just days and allow your business to become financially stable
  • Access cash fast to purchase supplies and meet payroll expenses
  • Stop worrying about meeting day-to-day operations expenses
  • Get help with administrative support
  • Online access to your account, with monthly statements available
  • Flexible and customizable programs: you get to choose which invoices you’d like to factor — you can factor as many or as few as you’d like.

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