Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

Fuel Card Programs Offer Discounts and More

Save on Your Fuel Costs

Fuel is the largest expense for trucking companies. That’s why freight factoring companies offer fuel card programs that can save truckers thousands each year. Truckers that factor freight bills can immediately enroll in a free program.

Fill your tank, and then use a fuel card to purchase the fuel and other day-to-day necessities. Truckers can use these cards for immediate ATM cash withdrawals to pay drivers, cover operating costs, etc. Plus, truckers have 24/7 online access to manage their accounts, track driver spending, set preset spending limits for drivers, and maintain control over costs.

The Benefit for Trucking Companies

Our fuel card programs save truck drivers time and money.

  • Fuel rebates – save thousands each year!
  • Up-to-date fuel pricing and discount information
  • Low transaction fees
  • Accepted at nearly all major fuel stops across the United States and Canada
  • Cash advance capabilities
  • Use cards for diesel, payroll, repairs, food, and on-the-road expenses — whatever you need!
  • Access account information and monitor driver spending online 24/7
  • Discounts on preventative maintenance, tires, and other services
  • EFS fuel cards and Comdata fuel cards are available

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Factoring Helps Trucking Companies Grow

All owner-operators and trucking companies are eligible for fleet fuel card programs through trucking factoring. Enrollment is free — just another perk to working with a factoring company for truckers! Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive your diesel fuel cards within 3-5 business days.

Fuel advance programs – up to 50% advance at time of pick up
Same day funding
Simple, flat-fee factoring
Highest advance rates
No hidden fees
No long term truck factoring contracts. Factor only what you need, when you need it.
Online account management
Recourse and non-recourse truck factoring programs

We understand that finding the right factoring company can be overwhelming. Check out our guide on what to look for to find the best factoring company for your trucking business and get informed. Then, give us a call and we’ll match you with the factor that will best meet your needs.

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