Tips for Truckers

The Trucking Guide to Best Roadside Attractions

Best Roadside Attractions in the U.S.

The U.S. is beautiful but driving for a living can get boring. Check out this list of the most interesting, bizarre, funny and even scary roadside attractions in every state to stop and see. Whether ... Read more

Guide to the Best Trucking Blogs

Best Trucking Blogs to Follow

Blogs are great sources for honest, authentic information from people who have experience with what they’re writing about. There are tons of blogs online; it’s estimated there are 600 million! With that many to consider, ... Read more

Trucking Guide to the Best Songs to Drive To

Top Truck Driving Songs for the Road

The 20 Best Driving Songs of All Time Life on the road as a trucker can be hard, and time can seem to go by at such a slow pace when you’re driving. Finding things ... Read more

Trucking Guide to the Unwritten Rules of the Road

The Unwritten Rules Truckers Should Know

The secret rules truckers have taken years to figure out and master, especially as a new trucker who has only had a few hauls. Although a lot of unwritten rules of the road take experience ... Read more

Smiling truck driver wearing a polo behind the wheel

The Must-Attend Trucking Industry Events of 2017

Editor’s note: This article contains outdated content but has been left up for anyone searching for this information. Check the EZ Invoice Factoring blog section to find our more recent content. The first quarter of 2017 has ... Read more

Trucking Guide to Listening to Podcasts on the Road

A Trucker’s Guide to Podcasts for the Road

  As a professional truck driver, you need a good source of entertainment for the countless hours that you spend on the road. Luckily, the twenty-first century has brought plenty of podcasts for truck drivers—downloadable ... Read more

hands on the steering wheel of a semi truck

Fill Up Less at The Diesel Pump With These Tips

10 Ways to Fill up Less When Hauling Freight Truckers are always looking for ways to lower their fuel costs and fill up less, especially in the wintertime. Refiners mix in additives as well as ... Read more

hands on the steering wheel of a semi truck

Thanksgiving for Truckers: Where to Feast

Working as a truck driver undoubtedly has its challenges, perhaps none as great as the work schedule that comes with it. The industry is infamous for its demanding hours and weeks upon weeks of travel/time ... Read more

Trucking Guide to Best Dog Breeds

Dogs and Truckers: Which Breeds are Best for the Road?

It’s about time you had a driving companion, don’t you think? After all, driving across the country would be so much better with a friend by your side—or better yet, your best friend! Dogs have ... Read more

logging truck driving through snow blizzard road conditions

How Truckers Can Beat A Blizzard

Inclement weather introduces a multitude of problems for truckers and small fleet owners. Blizzards are especially hazardous and demand a unique safety protocol. Is your fleet ready? Here are some tips that can help you keep your ... Read more

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