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If you’re hauling for a transportation solutions company, you’ve come to the right place for funding. We have a specific factoring program for those who work with the likes of:

 J.B. Hunt

 C.H. Robinson

 Coyote Logistics


 Total Quality Logistics


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We Make Factoring Invoices Easy

Driving for a transportation services company may provide you with steady loads, but it doesn’t always provide drivers with fast payment.

Freight factoring allows drivers to exchange unpaid invoices for a cash advance so they can continue to take loads, purchase fuel and pay for truck repairs without dipping into personal funds. 

It’s not debt, it’s not a loan and it’s not difficult to get started. 

Freight Factoring Offers

Month-to-month contract terms

Don’t worry about getting stuck in an extended, hard-to-get-out-of contract. The factoring companies we work with allow you to decide if and what you need to factor each month.

Fuel advance programs

Remove all worry about filling up the tank using fuel advances. Just send a copy of your rate confirmation and Bill of Lading to your truck factoring company and get your fuel advance instantly!

Recourse and non-recourse options

Choose either recourse or non-recourse factoring — you’re in charge of how you want to handle your finances. Recourse fees are lower than non-recourse, but trucking companies assume the risk of non-payment.

No minimum volume requirements

We’ll be able to factor almost any invoice of any amount. Do you have 10 invoices of a lesser amount? We can help you. One high-priced invoice per month? No problem. We understand that hauling different loads can mean a differing number of invoices.

Fuel cards

Fuel cards can be used for ATM cash withdrawals — pay drivers, cover operating costs and purchase necessities with them. Truckers have 24/7 access to their fuel card account as well. Use this to track driver spending, set spending limits for fleets and manage balances.

No hidden fees

Don’t let other factoring companies surprise you with hidden fees in their contracts. We can help you understand every step in the factoring process, ensuring that you don’t get surprised by a hidden fee, missed deadline or scammed by unreadable fine print.

Same day funding on copies

The process of getting paid for your first factored invoice may take, in total, around three days. However, once you’ve gone through the initial process, same day funding becomes available to you and your repeat customers.

No reserve funding

Our factoring company doesn’t hold onto your money. Expect advance rates up to 97 or 98 percent under certain circumstances!

The ability to pick and choose which invoices to factor

You have total control. Pick which invoices you want to factor and when.

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