Texas Invoice Factoring Companies

Texas Factoring Companies Provide Business Funding

Using invoice factoring is a quick and easy way to boost working capital without taking on additional debt. After approval, a Texas factoring company will purchase your verified open invoices and advance 80-90 percent of the invoice amount to you. When your customers pay their invoices, the factoring company sends you the remaining invoice amount minus a small fee. The factoring formula is simple and designed for repetition as often as you need to secure working capital.

Texas Factoring For Any Business

A Texas factoring company gives you immediate access to funding that you can use to settle prior debts, establish your start-up as a competitor in your area, or pursue new avenues of growth. We work with companies of all sizes and in all stages of business development to customize the perfect invoice factoring program for you. Our clients run the gamut:

  • Startup companies in need of fast funding
  • Established companies with poor or no established business credit
  • Businesses struggling through a dip in sales
  • Businesses playing catch-up with rapid growth
  • Companies thinking of, or preparing for, expansion

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Texas Invoice Factoring Companies Provide More Than Fast Cash

Factoring invoices is just a part of the superior customer service that you receive from a Texas factoring company. Our partners are committed to helping you meet your goals and achieve success, no matter what that success looks like to you.

Begin factoring invoices within a week.

Rather than waiting weeks or months for a funding decision, you can qualify with a Texas factoring company in as little as 3 to 5 business days!

Receive cash within 24 hours.

After your initial funding, the factor will deposit cash into your account within 24 hours of invoice verification.

Avoid creating new debt.

Because invoice factoring is not a loan, there is no new debt on your balance sheet to repay. Instead, Texas invoice factoring converts your unpaid invoices – an illiquid asset – into cash you can use to cover your expenses.

Get approved despite poor credit.

Factoring is available to companies with poor or little established credit. Texas factoring companies are able to make positive funding decisions based on your customers’ credit and payment history, as they will ultimately repay the money advanced. As long as you are working with reliable, reputable companies, you can begin factoring invoices!

Build your business credit.

Even better, invoice factoring allows you to build your company’s credit! By paying down existing debt and current expenses, you can raise your credit rating for future financing opportunities.

Control your operating costs.

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of working with Texas invoice factoring companies. You have complete flexibility to send in only the invoices you need to fund, as often as you need to maintain a steady cash flow. Your factoring fees only begin when the factoring company purchases the invoice — a great way to minimize your factoring costs. In addition, same-day access to cash means you can benefit from early-pay discounts or other financial incentives with your creditors, and you can certainly avoid late charges and penalties.

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The Perks of Texas Invoice Factoring

Our Texas invoice factoring partners offer background and credit verification services at no charge to their clients, and will also aggressively pursue your collections. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in often expensive reporting, as well as the money you would pay someone in your office to run those same operations. Most importantly, you can focus your time and money where your company needs it most.

Texas Invoice Factoring: For Any Industry Across the State

Wherever you are in the Lone Star State, Texas invoice factoring companies will help you improve your business cash flow. Our programs serve nearly every industry, and our expert account managers tailor each program to meet the specific requirements of the industry and the individual client’s needs.

Industries we serve include, but are not limited to:

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