Factoring for FEMA and Government Trucking Contracts

Freight Factoring – Same Day Cash for Invoices


If you’re hauling government freight such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) loads or Department of Transportation (DOT) loads, factoring ensures your trucking company will get paid faster.

Government Transportation Contract Factoring

Even if you’re booking loads through a freight broker, payment for government loads will trickle in slower than your typical haul. U.S. Government contracts are slow-paying to start with. Plus, the broker must deal with the rules, paperwork, and documentation required by government agencies.

Demand is often high for disaster relief loads. Disaster recovery presents an opportunity to earn money and offer a helping hand during unfortunate events. Trucking services are desperately needed for disaster relief, but these hauls can easily strain your cash flow due to extra delays, longer waits to unload and additional challenges. If you’re jumping into hauling for disaster relief efforts, consider working with a factoring company for FEMA loads or other government freight contracts.

Why Factor Government Loads?

Transportation factoring is a smart short-term funding solution for owner-operators and trucking companies. Government agencies don’t pay quickly. By factoring your invoices, you’ll eliminate the wait to get paid and have the steady funds necessary to accept new jobs.

  • No minimum volumes required
  • Freedom to choose which customers to factor
  • Month-to-month contract terms
  • Discount fuel cards
  • Fuel advances
  • No setup fees
  • Funds within 24 hours of invoice submission

What Types of Trucks Can Haul Government Loads?

Dump trucks, agriculture haul, refrigerated trucks, auto haulers, flatbed and traditional cargo trucks are all eligible to haul government loads. The government accepts all types of hauling, especially when it comes to bringing relief after a natural disaster.

When FEMA lists loads after a natural disaster, they’re looking for:

  • Dump trucks to haul away debris.
  • Auto haulers to remove damaged vehicles.
  • Refrigerated trucks to bring fresh food and water to the disaster area.
  • Cargo trucks to haul clean clothes and construction supplies to the affected area.
  • Flatbed trucks to bring in and take out large machines needed to help clean up debris.

Drivers looking to find FEMA loads can find them on online load boards and through FEMA’s contracting sites.

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