5 Largest Owner-Operator Expenses

Phil Cohen

Expenses for an Owner-Operator

Are you an owner-operator, or are you looking to become a truck driver? If so, you have a lot on your plate– not only do you have to work long hours on the road, but you also have to be the administrator of a small company. You have to balance work and keeping up with your finances at the same time. So what exactly are the expenses of running your own, owner-operator style trucking company? Check out the top five owner-operator expenses below.

1. Gas

When owner-operators drive as many as 110,000 miles per year in a machine that (at best) gets 8 miles per gallon, the cost of gas really adds up. Fuel is the single biggest expense in an owner-operator’s per-mile expenses, averaging around 44.5 cents/mile.

2. Truck & Trailer

Obviously, you’re going to need a truck and a trailer in order to work as an owner-operator (and that is no cheap investment). If you opt to purchase both used, you will generally have to spend nearly $37,500. In an average first-year owner-operator’s cost sheet, that works out to about 34.1 cents per mile spent on the truck and trailer purchase.

3. Maintenance/Repair

Trucks break down, trucks need maintenance– and all of those repairs cost you, on average, around $14,000 in order to keep your rig running. Of course, you can save yourself some money by performing some of the repairs yourself.

4. Insurance, Licensing & Fees

CDL, EIN, UCR, IRP, LLC… we could go on listing more three-letter acronyms for quite a while. The point is, starting your own owner-operator style company requires that you go through a lot of red tapes, and many of the permits and licensing that you need require a fee.

5. Tires

Tires are pricey– around $500 apiece on average. Keeping your rig riding on fresh tires is expensive. Save yourself some wear (and money) by regularly checking your tire pressure.

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