Study Ranks States with Highest Risk of Truck-Involved Crashes

In a recent study revealing the top 10 states with the most severe truck crashes, the state of New Jersey ranked highest in intensity.  The rankings indicate which states have the greatest likelihood of having truck-involved collisions.  States are ranked according to crash intensity.

truck accident statsThe study, based on truck-involved crash data collected over a three-year period by Overdrive and RigDig Business Intelligence, found that there were 12 truck-involved crashes happening for every 10 lane-miles of National Highway System roadway in New Jersey.  Additionally, the other states ranked among the top 10 list for truck wrecks were also all located east of the Mississippi River, where traffic is the most congested.

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Conversely, South Dakota held the top ranking for lowest crash intensity, as well as the lowest rate of truck-involved wrecks: only one wreck per 10 lane-miles.  The average crash rate for all ranked states was four crashes per 10 lane-miles.

Since New Jersey is located in-between three of the largest cities in the country (New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington,  D.C.), traffic is consistently intense throughout the state.  According to Lt. Stephen Jones of the New Jersey State Police, several crashes resulting from lower speeds take place throughout the rush hour period.  As a result of the increasing number of low-speed crashes in the state, New Jersey holds the top ranking on the injuries list, but doesn’t make the top 10 list for truck-involved crash fatalities.

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