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Pennsylvania Factoring Companies Help Businesses Prosper

Whether your business is in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or anywhere in between, EZ Invoice Factoring can help you get the funding you need through invoice factoring. If your business is growing too quickly for your working capital to keep up, or if you’re struggling to make payroll or meet overhead, we can help by pairing your business with a  Pennsylvania factoring company that best suits your needs!

Pennsylvania Factoring Companies are Different Than Banks

Invoice factoring is different from traditional bank loans in many ways. For example, when you apply for a traditional bank loan, you must endure detailed credit checks. Additionally, bank loans require sufficient collateral, such as machinery or other materials. After weeks, or maybe even months of research and paperwork, the bank can still opt to turn your business down. This isn’t the case with invoice factoring, which can get your business completely approved with no collateral in a few short days. After approval, your invoices can be paid within hours.

If a bank approves you for a traditional loan, you still might not get the amount of funding you need. No matter how much funding you get, you will still be stuck paying a loan at a potentially high interest rate, and you will have another negative item on your balance sheet. Factoring offers the funding you need with the ability to grow with your business, all without adding debt!

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How Invoice Factoring Can Benefit Your Business In Pennsylvania

The basic premise is simple. We match your business to a Pennsylvania factoring company that will buy your receivable at a discount and forward you the cash from the sale. They collect the amount due from your customer, and when your customer pays in full, the discounted amount is forwarded to you, minus a small factoring fee. We have access to the lowest rates in your industry.

•  Super-fast approval process, only 3 to 5 days
•  You receive your cash in hours
•  No complicated paperwork or credit checks
•  We base our decisions on the creditworthiness of your customers
•  Flexible terms with no minimums or maximums

What Industries Do Pennsylvania Factoring Companies Serve?

EZ Invoice Factoring serves a variety of industries in Pennsylvania. Whether your business is just starting up, or if you have been in business for a while, a Pennsylvania factoring company can help solve your cash flow problems.

We work with a network of Pennsylvania factoring companies. We learn about your business and how we can best serve you, we match you up with a factoring company in PA (or elsewhere in the US) that can best serve your invoice factoring needs.

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