Manufacturing Factoring Invoices

If your manufacturing company is ready to expand but in need of cash, we can help. Take advantage of EZ Invoice Factoring’s manufacturing factoring services and overcome challenging regulations and dips in the economy. We advance cash at high rates based on the value of your invoices. Regardless of the state of the manufacturing industry, you can make improvements to your business in weeks. 

Forward your invoices to EZ Invoice Factoring and receive an advance based on their value. We are happy to take care of collections for you as well. Your customers pay their invoices directly to us, then we give you the invoice remainder minus a small fee (usually about .60-1.59%). You can send us as many qualifying, completed invoices as you’d like. In fact, the more you have, the more cash you’ll receive to meet your business’ needs.

EZ Invoice Factoring also offers administrative services. We handle:

  • Phone calls
  • Mailings
  • Collections
  • Account management 

Our goal is to take care of your administrative and account details so you can focus on growing your business. You can view your account online anytime you need to, while leaving all the details to us.

Get Stability for Your Manufacturing Company with EZ Invoice Factoring:

  • Applying is simple…and fast! Turnaround times on applications are 3-5 business days.
  • Receive advances up to 95 percent of the invoice’s value.
  • We’ve funded companies as much as ten million in one month.
  • You can factor as many invoices as you’d like.
  • We know your industry and specialize in helping manufacturing businesses like yours.
  • Our services are available in the US, Canada and Great Britain. 

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