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Missouri Factoring Companies

September 28, 2022
Phil Cohen

Missouri Factoring Companies for Small Businesses

Whether your business is in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, or in any other city in Missouri, we can help you get the funding you need by matching your business with a Missouri factoring company! If you find yourself struggling to make payroll or meet expenses, consider invoice factoring as a viable solution to your cash flow issues.

The approval process for bank loans is cumbersome and often requires detailed credit checks and long waits. If the bank approves you for funding, you might receive less capital than you need. In addition, you have a negative on your balance sheet as well as a loan to repay.

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How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

EZ Invoice Factoring works with a network of Missouri factoring companies that can help your business improve its cash flow. We strive to know your business so that we can pair you with a Missouri factoring company that is familiar with your business’ industry as well as its unique issues. You send your open invoices to the factor, who forwards you their cash value, less a discount. The factoring company bills your clients, and, when they pay their invoices in full, you receive the amount of the discount, minus a small fee.

What Kinds Of Businesses Can Invoice Factoring Help?

•  Companies growing quickly and outgrowing their working capital

•  Businesses with bad credit or no credit

•  Seasonal businesses or entities with drops in sales

•  Start-ups trying to obtain funding

City of St. Louis

Why Businesses Partner with Missouri Factoring Companies:

  • Approval process takes less than a week
  • You get cash within 24 hours
  • Simple application process
  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible terms
  • No loan to repay
  • Will never appear as a negative on your balance sheet

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