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Idaho Receivables Factoring

September 30, 2022
Phil Cohen

Idaho Receivables Factoring

Factor Finders has taken the “Gem State” by storm by helping Idaho businesses prosper with invoice factoring. We work with several Idaho factoring companies that specialize in different trades and industries. We select the Idaho factoring company that fits you best and assign a specialist from that company who will help you through the entire invoice factoring process.

What Is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring is another way for small businesses to obtain working capital when they need it most. First, you provide goods and/or services to clients as usual. Once the service or product delivery is complete, you send the invoice to a factoring company. The factor will verify the invoice, issue a cash advance (usually within 24 hours), and ultimately collect payment from your customer, minus a small fee for utilizing factoring services.

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What Sets Factor Finders Apart From Other Factoring Services?

Our approval process is quick and usually takes no longer than 5 working days. The paperwork process is simple and we make sure to match you with a factor that best fits your business needs and goals. There are no hidden fees and no loans to repay. Additionally, there are no minimums or maximums, thus you can factor only when you want or need it most!

Can Invoice Factoring Offer Me More Freedom Than Traditional Banks Loans?

Yes. When you factor your invoices, you do not have to endure a lengthy process consisting of credit checks and assessment of possible collateral. We do not check your credit, because we base your funding on the creditworthiness of your customers.

Can Factoring Help My Idaho Business?

If you are sitting on invoices and waiting for payment, we can help you! Why wait for your clients’ payments when you have your own bills to pay? By invoice factoring, you can even pay your vendors early and save money by taking advantage of early pay discounts.

  • New businesses that need cash
  • Seasonal companies
  • Entities struggling after bankruptcy
  • Companies with sales that fluctuate
  • Businesses with credit issues

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