The Five Best Bluetooth Headsets For Truckers

Phil Cohen

The average truck driver is in charge of operating a semi-truck around 80,000lbs (legal limit) with cargo included. If you’re a truck driver, you know your attention has to be on the road at all times.  Take your eyes off of the road to answer a phone call and you could drive all of that weight into another car or off of the highway. That reason is why thousands of truckers have decided to use Bluetooth headsets to take phone calls, listen to music or assist in operating their phones.

If you’re looking to start using a Bluetooth headset, but don’t know which one would be the best fit for you, you’ve come to the right place.

The Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truck Drivers

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5. MPOW Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset

PROS: Lightweight, noise reducing, inexpensive

CONS: Short battery life

Not sure if you’ll like using a Bluetooth headset? Give the MPOW Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset a try. It’s been given thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and won’t break your budget — a brand new one will only put you out $20.

It’s lightweight and has a noise-reducing microphone perfect for blocking out the unwanted sounds of the road. This is a straightforward, easy-to-use headset best for truckers who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on special features. Just plug it in, charge it up and go! This model’s battery only lasts about 12 hours, so if you’re a long-haul trucker looking for the best Bluetooth headset, you may want to consider one with longer battery life.

4.  BlueFit Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece

PROS: Comfortable, small, inexpensive

CONS: Short battery life, noise-canceling issues

If you’re looking for a small, non-obtrusive Bluetooth headset, this one is for you. The BlueFit Bluetooth Wireless Earpiece is similar to an earbud, just pop it in, connect and go! It doesn’t have as strong of a noise-canceling capability due to its size, but if you’re okay with turning up the volume, you’ll be fine. Just remember to charge it! This earpiece needs to be plugged in after 6 hours of use, so keep that in mind if you’re a trucker that enjoys long talks on the phone.

If you’re not sold already, this earpiece only will cost you around $20. Small, inexpensive and unobtrusive — no wonder this is considered one of the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers!

3. Sennheiser Enterprise Headset

PROS: Fast charging, noise-canceling microphone

CONS: Expensive

If you’re a seasoned Bluetooth headset user and are looking for an upgrade, or are a first time user and are looking for a quality first headset, this Sennheiser is a perfect place to start. It’s light, comfortable and easy to use. It boasts loud, clear sound, a noise-canceling microphone and a padded over the ear speaker. In addition, it’s long lasting and fast charging. Put the headset on its charger and it’ll be 50 percent recharged in 20 minutes.

The only downside of this headset is the price — you’ll have to shell out over $140 if you want to get your hands on it. If you’re not willing to pay that much, consider asking your friends and family to pitch in money for it as a birthday or Christmas gift.

2. Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC 

PROS: Small, high sound quality, noise-canceling

CONS: Expensive, short battery life

Plantronics has a reputation for high-quality products, and this headset keeps that reputation alive. With its small size and exceptional noise canceling ability, this Bluetooth earpiece is one of the best on the market for truck drivers. The noise-canceling ability plus the high sound quality means it’s going to sound like you’re chatting with someone in front of you when you’re thousands of miles away from them on the road. Hundreds of Amazon reviewers say it’s an all-around high-quality device with a lower-than-most price tag.

The Voyager is normally priced at $120, but could be found on sale recently for as low as $70. Battery life is rated at 7 hours of continuous use. In standby mode, the battery lasts up to 9 days.

1. VXi BlueParrot B450-XT

PROS: Voice control option, integrated app, long battery life, noise-canceling

CONS: Large

The crowd favorite Bluetooth headset for truckers is VXi’s BlueParrot B450-XT. It features unbeatable sound quality and noise canceling technology, is equipped with voice control and can operate over 24 hours on a single charge. The headset comes with its own integrated app, which truckers can use to program their device and see its status. It’s high-tech, comfortable and inexpensive –this Amazon’s Choice winner will run you about $150.

The only downside of this? It’s big. The over-the-ear design is cumbersome and can become uncomfortable if used for an extended period of time.

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