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Alaska Factoring Company

September 14, 2022
Phil Cohen

Alaska Factoring Companies For Small Businesses

Whether your business is in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Nome, or even Barrow, we can help you get the cash you need to allow your business to prosper. We are experienced in invoice factoring for Alaskan companies, and we are ready to help your company reach its greatest potential by pairing your business with one of many qualified and reputable Alaska factoring companies. If you’re a start-up that needs funding now, a business with poor or no credit, an entity experiencing rapid growth, or even a business that struggles with fluctuating and/or seasonal sales, an Alaskan invoice factoring company can help you!

Alaska Factoring Companies Will Benefit Your Business

Invoice factoring benefits many businesses who cannot qualify for traditional loans, or who do not want another bank loan on their balance sheets. Approval to begin factoring can happen as quickly as 3-5 business days! After that, your factoring company will buy your invoices at a discount and advance you up to 98% of the cash. Then, they’ll bill your clients and when your clients pay the factoring company in full, the rest of the discount is given to you, minus a small fee.

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Why Choose Factor Finders?

We are familiar with the Alaskan business climate. We work with a large network of Alaska factoring companies that specialize in various industries and areas of business. Additionally, we assign a factoring specialist to your business. Who will guide you through the invoice factoring process. Also, they can even take care of back-office functions such as invoicing and payroll services. Unlike a traditional bank loan, there’s no amount of money to repay.  This means you won’t be adding more debt to your balance sheet.

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