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Want to become an oil and gas industry leader? EZ Invoice Factoring can help! When you partner with Factor Finders we’ll find you an oil and gas industry specialist to buy your invoices and advance you cash in days! Speed up your company’s billing cycle and eliminate cash crunches today.

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Advance your Company through Oil and Gas Funding

Grant your customers the generous credit terms they expect with oil and gas funding! Customers often pay energy providers on 90 day terms or longer. Whether you are an equipment tester, hauler, welder, construction company, or other niche, we’ll find you an oil and gas funding specialist to relieve the strain on your company. The factoring partner we match you with will advance you cash to buy supplies, keep enough supplies on hand, take on bigger contracts, and make payroll. Your oil and gas funding specialist will be an expert in the oil and gas industry documentation and provide growth strategies for your company.

Energy Companies Benefit from Oil and Gas Funding

Our oil and gas customers are successful, but need factoring mining to grow. We work with oil and gas companies:

  • wanting to become established in their industry
  • wanting to grow despite a lack of proven sales histories
  • wanting to gain capital and expand
  • with past credit problems but financially sound clients
  • with clients demanding generous credit terms
  • with cash flow shortages due to slow-paying customers
  • with seasonal and uneven sales patterns

Let Factor Finders eliminate your cash flow challenges and facilitate growth! We’ll find you an oil and gas funding expert that will advance cash in as fast as 24 hours. Get cash now to expand your inventory, supplies, and workforce. Become a leader in the oil and gas industry through invoice factoring.

Factor Finders Has Access to Great Benefits

  • Rates as low as 1.59 percent
  • No application fees
  • Same day funding approval
  • Customizable funding solutions
  • Choose the invoices you wish to factor
  • No minimum or maximum invoice volumes
  • No long-term contracts
  • Funds reach your account within 24 hours
  • No complicated financials

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