Thanksgiving for Truckers: Where to Feast

Phil Cohen


Working as a truck driver undoubtedly has its challenges, perhaps none as great as the work schedule that comes with it. The industry is infamous for its demanding hours and weeks upon weeks of travel/time spent away from home. This means that truck drivers often have to spend holidays on the road.

Thanksgiving Dinner for Truckers

It is, after all, a time of year in which the services of truck drives are most needed—the United States consumes over 46 million turkeys each thanksgiving and nearly $60 billion worth in goods are consumed during the “Black Friday weekend,” all of which need to be taken form the producer to the purchaser.

That said, it is likely that many truck drivers will have to spend Thanksgiving on the road. But what is a trucker to do for the Thanksgiving feast away from home? Check out the best places for truckers to eat Thanksgiving dinner:

Best Specific Truck Stops for Truckers on Thanksgiving

  • Johnson’s Corner—if you will be heading through Colorado during the Thanksgiving weekend and are still not yet sure of where you will go for Turkey Day, check out Johnson’s Corner, located just north of Denver. Johnson’s Corner is one of the United States’ best truck stops and will be having a Thanksgiving special.
  • South of the Border—if you’re going to be in South Carolina, check out one of the six restaurants in this massive truck/travel stop and celebrate Thanksgiving with a Latin tinge.
  • Whiskey Pete’s—a massive facility, at this stop on the Nevada/California border, truckers can spend Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner and the slot machines, should they so desire.

Chain Restaurants for Truck Drivers on Thanksgiving

  • Cracker Barrel—with a very popular annual Thanksgiving Day meal, Cracker Barrel will make truckers feel at home.
  • Denny’s—they’ve also just released holiday flavored buttermilk pancakes—how does that sound for dessert after a nice turkey dinner?
  • Golden Corral—the Thanksgiving Day Buffet gives you all the classics, plus some steak and shrimp.
  • Ruby Tuesday—also keep them in mind for when it’s your birthday—free burgers for birthdays!
  • Bob Evans—Bob Evans boasts a full-blown Thanksgiving feast for $14.99.
  • Applebee’s—Applebee’s stays open for Thanksgiving, and in recent years has started to incorporate it in their menu.
  • T.G.I. Friday’s—order online ahead of time and ensure that your meal is ready as soon as you walk in the door.

Thanksgiving for truck drivers can be tough—but if you look in the right places, there are tons of great places on the road where you can get a great turkey dinner. It is easier than you think to celebrate Thanksgiving as a trucker who’s on the clock. Did you know that it is also easier than you would think to finance your small trucking company? Talk to Factor Finders about the benefits of fuel cards for trucking companies and the other financial secrets that could save you a fortune.




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