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South Carolina Factoring Company

September 22, 2022
Phil Cohen

SC Factoring Companies Help Businesses Thrive

Whether you have a business in Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, or anywhere else in South Carolina, we can help you get the funding that you need by invoice factoring!

EZ Invoice Factoring can help your business when banks loans cannot by pairing your business with South Carolina factoring companies that will help solve your cash flow problems.

Factoring companies in SC help with the following cash flow problems:

  • Start-up businesses in need of capital
  • Companies with bad or no credit
  • Entities that are rapidly growing
  • Seasonal sales patterns
  • Slow paying customers

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How Does Receivables Factoring Work?

EZ Invoice Factoring will match your business with a South Carolina factoring company that will buy your open invoices at a discount, and then bill your customers at the terms to which they had previously agreed. Once paid in full, the balance of the discount is forwarded to you, minus a small fee.

Benefits Of South Carolina Factoring

  • Quick approval process (usually less than a week)
  • You get cash in 24 hours or less
  • No loans to repay
  • No debt on your balance sheet
  • No credit check, because we rely on the credit of your customers

Why Work With Factor Finders?

We have decades of experience and work with a network of factoring companies and specialists who are reliable and knowledgeable. We match each client with a specialist that we believe is the best fit for their invoice factoring needs.

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