Why Should Truckers Use Social Media?

Phil Cohen

Truckers should use social media because it’s becoming a huge part of modern life. Drivers can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep in touch with the world while they’re out on the road.

If you’re a trucker, consider signing up on social media platforms for these reasons:

Social media keeps you in touch with family and friends

Trucking and social media go hand in hand for a reason. Social media was designed to keep people in touch with others regardless of distance. Truckers routinely spend weeks on the road in solitude. See where this is going?

Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter let truckers stay in touch with family and friends they’re away from while they’re working. Facebook, in particular, allows truck drivers to message, video call and send pictures back and forth to loved ones using cellular data or WIFI for free!

Just make sure you monitor your cell phone bill – social media sites are known for being data hogs. Use social media sites while on WIFI if you can.

Social media allows you to meet and network with other truckers

Social media is a great way for truckers to meet and network with other drivers! You can sign up for an account on a typical social media site and join forums or special groups made for truck drivers. There are also sites specifically designed to be trucking social media — places where drivers can talk about their loads, their trucks, etc. with other truckers.

Talking with others who understand trucking lifestyle is beneficial to morale. They understand the risks, rewards and daily struggle that other friends and family may not. Plus, truckers that use social media often also make online friends that turn in to real-life friends on the road.

Social media is a great way to advertise your services or gain recruits        

If you’re an owner/operator, think of social media as the easiest and least expensive way to market your transportation services. Post about what you do on Facebook. Place ads on sites like Craigslist and then share them with your Twitter followers. Ask others to review your services online. Being active and vocal about your business online is guaranteed to get you a few new clients.

If you work for or own a trucking company, consider using social media to recruit new drivers. It’s a great way to find the younger generation of truck drivers. Post your job on recruiting sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, as well as social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

According to Randall-Reilly Market Intelligence, more than 96 percent of truckers have their own Facebook account.  Many transportation firms use Facebook as a reliable resource to attract new drivers, post jobs and communicate their company culture to prospects.

While recruiting and retaining top talent remains a top priority for trucking companies, managing finances is another big concern within the industry. If you need money between payment periods for operational expenses or need fuel cards to get from point A to point B, consider factoring.

If you think factoring is for you, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Let us help you find the best truck factoring company for your needs.

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Phil Cohen

Phil is the owner of PRN Funding and sister company Factor Finders. He has been an authority in the factoring industry for over 20 years, serving on the board of directors for several factoring associations.


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