Best Roadside Attractions in the U.S.

Phil Cohen

The U.S. is beautiful but driving for a living can get boring. Check out this list of the most interesting, bizarre, funny and even scary roadside attractions in every state to stop and see. Whether you’re hauling a load for work or taking a road trip with friends, these road trip stops will keep you entertained along the way.

From Coast to Coast: The Best Attractions to Stop and See


World’s Largest Office Chair

Anniston, AL

Standing at 33 feet tall, built from 10 tons of steel, give it up for the world’s largest office chair. If you are driving along route 20 or I-59 in Alabama, take a slight detour to check it out.


Hammer Museum

Haines, AK

Besides the beautiful national parks and landscapes in Alaska, if you’re driving through Alaska, stop by the Hammer Museum that is home to more than 2000 hammers.


Wigwam Villages

Holbrook, AZ

Near Route 66, Wigwam Villages is a hotel that was built in the 1950s. The cheesy hotel is worth checking out if you’re driving through, or you can look at Bedrock City, which is a campground modeled off of the Flintstones.


Snake World

Berryville, AR

If you want to see a creepy roadside attraction, stop by Snake World to learn all about different kinds of snakes. If you’re looking for a more historic landmark in Arkansas, stop by Johnny Cash’s house he lived in when he was a child in Dyess.


Bottle Tree Ranch

Oro Grande, CA

Right off of Route 66 in southern California’s, Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is considered a hidden gem when it comes to must-see roadside attractions. Although it isn’t a “World’s Largest” and doesn’t have a deep history, this display of old glass bottles and metal to make the tree-like forest is a great place to at least stretch your legs.


Bishop Castle

Pueblo, CO

Located off of Highway 165, Bishop Castle was built by Jim Bishop in 1969 and is about as medieval as it gets. With dragons and iron walk ways surrounding the castle, take some time to stop and look at this weird roadside attraction if you’re driving through Colorado.


Charles “General Tom Thumb” Stratton’s Grave

Bridgeport, CT

In Mountain Grover Cemetery, this historic road stop in Connecticut attracts Americans from all over. Stratton was a Barnum Circus main act, standing at only 3’4” as an adult. You can see a life-size statue of him and learn a bit of history with this attraction.


Miles the Monster

Dover, DE

Dover Speedway’s mascot is a 46-foot tall attraction you don’t want to miss driving through Delaware. You don’t even have to stop and see the Monster if you’re running low on time but look for it if you’re driving on Route 1, because you can see it from there!


The Last Resort

Port Orange, FL

Stop by this famous roadside attraction in Florida to see the bar where murderer Aileen Wuornos hung out. She was actually arrested at the bar in 1991 and eventually sentenced to death for the killings of six different men. It’s definitely not a warm and fuzzy tourist spot, but very interesting for people passing by on Route 1.


The Sasquatch Museum

Cherry Log, Georgia

Where else are you going to find the rare, elusive Bigfoot butt-print? If that doesn’t impress you, check out the collection of plastic containers abused by the hairy giant.


World’s Longest Plant Maze

Wahiawa, HI

If you’re in Hawaii, you probably don’t need something to look at to pass the time, but if you do, check out the Dole Plantation Maze. It’s made up of over 14,000 Hawaiian plants and shaped like a pineapple.


Idaho Potato Museum

Blackfoot, ID

Idaho and potatoes go hand-in-hand, so why not stop at this quirky attraction that represents the U.S. potato state? Located near I-15, the museum offers a photo op before you even enter with the giant potato outside.


2nd Largest Cross in America

Effingham, IL

A picture does not do this massive attraction justice. The 200 foot cross can be seen from 5 miles away. If you’re on a long road trip or driving on I-37, you CAN’T miss it.


World’s Largest Ball of Paint

Alexandria, IN

Have you ever wondered if a room gets smaller when you paint it? This paint ball answers that with a definite “yes” (although it might takes hundreds of coats). One of the more bizarre road stops on our list, the massive ball of paint is almost unbelievable. You can even contribute to it by painting a coat if you make an appointment.


Adair and Stanton, IA

These two cities have cute water towers to look for as your driving through Iowa on a road trip. They aren’t necessarily attractions, but they can definitely lighten your mood if you’re on a long drive. Adair has a yellow smiley face tower and Stanton has a water tower shaped and painted like a coffee pot and coffee cup.


Van Gogh’s Giant Painting

Goodland, KS

Not actually painted by van Gogh himself, “Three Sunflower in a Vase” has a massive replica that you can see from I-70 right as you pass through. Get your daily art fix at this bizarre attraction if you’re driving through Kansas.


National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

Bowling Green, KY

This is what happens when history makes history. A sinkhole suddenly formed in the Corvette Museum, creating a historical site in itself. The sinkhole swallowed eight corvettes and was 40 wide and 30 feet deep!


Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum

Gibsland, LA

The museum used to be the café that Bonnie and Clyde last visited before they were killed. Part of this roadside attraction is the actual death site that is just a short distance away from the museum.


The Big Indian (BFI)

Freeport, ME

This 40-foot-tall statue is off of US highway 1 right near the outlet stores. It was actually made in Pennsylvania and apparently it was drawing so much attention when it was being transported to Freeport that police had to ask the driver to wait until it got dark to finish the trip.


Noah’s Ark

Frostburg, MD

Well, not exactly the full ark. “Noah’s Ark” has been under construction by a local ministry for over 30 years, making this a weird roadside attraction to check out. Check out the eerie site off of I-68 in Maryland.


Paper House

Rockport, MA

This interesting road trip stop is a house made of (yes, you guessed it) paper! Built by mechanical engineer Elis Stenman in 1922, the house (and furniture) was made up of more than 100,000 newspapers. The paper house is a little bit off the beaten path in Massachusetts, but if you have some time to spare while you’re traveling, it’s quite the site.


Giant Uniroyal Tire

Detroit, MI

This drive-by bizarre attraction can be seen right from I-94 near the airport. The tire is over 80 feet tall, so you won’t miss it.


SPAM Museum

Austin, MN

There are many bizarre and interesting stops to make if you’re driving through Minnesota, but we picked this one because it’s just plain weird. The SPAM museum goes through the ins and outs of America’s mystery meat.


The Golden Hand

Port Gibson, MS

While we could tell you about Elvis Presley’s birthplace or other interesting Mississippi tourist stops, the Golden Hand that points towards heaven is a unique attraction. The famous icon is a steeple for a Presbyterian church and is worth seeing if you’re near the small town.


Glore Psychiatric Museum

St. Joseph, MO

Although it isn’t exactly a drive-by attraction, this is a creepy road trip stop you should make if you have time and you’re passing through Missouri. The museum is very unusual and depicts the history of psychiatric care throughout the U.S. and has been reviewed as being “a somber look back” and “a must see.”


Montana Vortex and House of Mystery

Columbia Falls, MT

Another unusual place to stop in the wonderful U.S., the illusion of a crooked house (or is it?) is off of Highway 2 if you’re passing driving through Montana and looking for an interesting place to stretch your legs.


World’s Largest Ball of Stamps

Boys Town, NE

Similar to the ball of paint, the stamp ball is quite the site to see while you’re driving through Nebraska. Layers of stamps have been being added since 1953, so stop by and add your stamp to the 600 pound ball.


Alien Research Center

Hiko, NV

According to their Facebook page the Alien Research Center is “the gateway to Area 51, located at the beginning of the Extraterrestrial Highway it’s your first stop at the beginning of your Alien hunting.” If you don’t have time to go inside, you can see the massive tin alien that guards the doors outside just by driving your car or truck by the building.

New Hampshire

USS Albacore

Portsmouth, NH

If you’ve ever wondered what an old submarine in a ditch looks like and you’re driving through New Hampshire, this is the perfect attraction for you! It’s right off of I-95 if you’re on a road trip and want to check it out.

New Jersey

Lucy the Elephant

Migrate, NJ

This historic roadside attraction is one of the oldest in the U.S. and was actually built in 1881 with the exact purpose of entertaining people driving by. She’s 65 feet tall and located on Atlantic Ave.

New Mexico

Roadrunner Sculpture

Las Cruces, NM

This is the best roadside attraction if you have about 30 seconds to spare and have to use the restroom. It’s right by a rest area exit off of I-10 in New Mexico. It was created to promote recycling and is 20 feet tall and 40 feet long. You can’t miss it.

New York

World’s Largest Kaleidoscope

Mt Temper, NY

While Niagara Falls, Coney Island and many other attractions could be on the list, the really unusual site to stop and see on the road is the massive kaleidoscope. How many people can say they’ve seen that? Check it out near I-87.

North Carolina

World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

High Point, NC

There are a lot of “world’s largest” sites on this list, but they’re such weird roadside stops (and usually free) that the chest of drawers had to be on here too. The massive dresser even has a couple massive socks hanging out of one of the drawers. You can find it (although you shouldn’t have to look very hard considering it’s 32 feet tall) off of I-74.

North Dakota

World’s Largest ….

Jamestown and New Salem, ND

The World’s Largest Buffalo is located in Jamestown and the World’s Largest Holstein Cow is in New Salem. Apparently massive roadside attractions are what get people to stop in the U.S.


Ohio State Reformatory

Mansfield, OH

There are a couple reasons why you should visit this road stop. It’s creepy, historical and entertaining, all in one. The old prison is the setting for the famous movie Shawshank Redemption and visitors have reported experiencing paranormal happenings within these walls. It’s not a free road stop, but definitely interesting if you’re driving along I-71.


Blue Whale

Catoosa, OK

Off of the famous Route 66, the Blue Whale was built by a zoologist in the 1970s to give his grandchildren somewhere to play.


Peace Candle

Scappoose, OR

Next to Highway 30, you can see the red, 50-foot tall candle standing proudly without even stopping your car or truck. The old silo was filled with wax to make a candle that represents and promotes peace.


Mutter Museum

Philadelphia, PA

With an intro on their website asking visitors if they’re ready to be “disturbingly informed,” the museum of medical oddities is another one of the historical, bizarre and maybe even scary road trip stops. This stop will take some time out of your day, but you’ll be very informed of all the weird facts of the human body.

Rhode Island

Nibbles Woodaway (aka Big Blue Bug)

Providence, RI

Right off of I-95 this giant bug replica is 928 times the size of a real termite. It weighs 4,000 pounds! It was actually painted purple when it was first made in 1980 because of the color termites appear under a microscope, but it faded to blue and was never restored to the original purple.

South Carolina


Gaffney, SC

The 135 foot water tower is painted to resemble a peach. The best thing about this simple attraction is that you can see it between exits 90 and 92 on I-85 without even stopping.

South Dakota

Porter Sculpture Park

Montrose, SD

Throughout the 10-acre field off of the I-90 exit, there are over 50 massive, interesting sculptures to stop and see. This is a great stop to take some pictures and show to friends and family.


Jack Daniel’s Grave

Lynchburg, TN

Stop by and honor the man that gave something unique to America. Fun fact: His original name was Jasper Newton Daniel.


Cadillac Ranch

Amarillo, TX

This unique, artistic attraction is a created from old Cadillacs painted all different colors. The cars are all partially buried in the ground angled toward the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Hole N” the Rock

Moab, UT

Located off of Highway 191 is a home carved directly into a rock that you can tour. It’s 5,000 square feet and is a popular stop in Utah for all different type of visitors. You won’t miss it because in massive white letters it reads “Hole N”The Rock” on the rock the home is carved into. (Yes, It is N” not N’)


Ben & Jerry’s Waterbury Factory

Waterbury, VT

Calling all ice cream lovers! Stop here to take a tour, visit the gift shop and more importantly, eat some delicious ice cream. This might be one of the most delicious roadside attractions on our list.


Stonewall Jackson’s Arm

Chancellorsville, VT

The General was shot in the arm by his own troops and the arm was buried more than 100 miles away from the rest of his body. Stop by and see the solo grave for yourself.


The Fremont Troll

Seattle, Washington

This bizarre attraction was created from rumors…kind of. Back in the early to mid 1900s, people used to claim they saw a troll under Aurora Bridge, so in 1989 the city created a troll from steel, wire and concrete. It’s a great photo op for travelers passing through.

West Virginia

George Washington’s Bathtub

Berkeley Springs, WV

The presidential bath tub is definitely a place to stop and see, especially since it was the first president’s in 1748! Now that’s a historical attraction.


World’s Largest Six Pack

La Crosse, Wisconsin

One last World’s Largest for the list. This six pack of metal beer tanks was created by the brewery responsible for originally brewing Old Style in 1969. It is located right off of Route 14 if you’re passing through.


Smith Mansion

Cody, WY

This weird attraction was constructed by a mechanical engineer who was so obsessed with the home that it led to his death in 1992. Tourists can now view the unfinished and abandoned 5-story-tall log cabin.

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