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October 4, 2022
Phil Cohen

Nevada Invoice Factoring For Small Businesses

Running a business is always a gamble, but securing working capital shouldn’t be. If slow-paying customers are blocking your cash flow, Factor Finders’ Nevada invoice factoring programs are the solution.Whether you are just starting up, recovering from hardship, or reeling from rapid growth, a Nevada factoring company can offer you the money you need to continue moving forward. Stop struggling to make payroll, don’t extend your bills to the last minute, and embrace new customers without worrying how to cover new costs – choose invoice factoring instead.

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Invoice Factoring Strengthens Cashflow

Factoring invoices is a business-friendly alternative to applying for a traditional bank loan. A factor will purchase your verified, unpaid invoices and advance you between 70 and 90 percent of their value. You can submit invoices as often as you need and carry on with business as usual while the factor waits to collect; then, when your customers pay you receive the remainder of the invoice amounts minus a small factoring fee.

Some Key Features of Invoice Factoring Include:

Qualification in as little as 3 to 5 business days

With the proper paperwork and solid communication, our factoring partners can set up your account in less than a week!

Funding within 24 hours of invoice verification

Receive cash in your bank account via same-day or next-day bank transfer, depending on the terms of your factoring agreement.

Approval based on customer payment history

Because your customer is paying the invoice, their credit history is what matters to the factoring company. Invoice factoring helps you avoid a hit to your credit!

Buyouts available in some circumstances

Nevada factors will work with your current bank or factor to subordinate or buy out established financing agreements.

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Invoice Factoring Benefits Your Nevada Business

When you begin a Nevada invoice factoring program through Factor Finders, you will be working with experts in your industry that can customize the perfect program for your company. Our partners have years of experience providing superior customer service and adapting to clients’ changing needs.

Factoring offers even more benefits to help your company succeed:

Unlimited funding potential

The only limit to the amount you can factor is your sales, so as you grow your funding potential grows with you!

Save money and build creditor confidence

With a continuous flow of working capital, you can take advantage of payment incentives such as early-pay discounts. The strength of your account may also give you the option of increasing your order volume or negotiating better terms when your contract is due for renewal.

Monitor current customers and pre-qualify new ones

Complimentary credit and background checks allow you to keep tabs on your customers, so you are aware of any potential issues before they impact your business. Moreover, you can request credit checks on potential new customers to be sure you are working with only the most reliable companies.

Nevada Invoice Factoring v. Bank Loans

Traditional bank loans require a wealth of paperwork, superior credit scores, and often a pledge of collateral to seal the deal. In addition, high interest rates and restrictive payment schedules can make a loan more of a burden than a boon. Increasing your credit line usually requires the same amount of due diligence and is not a guarantee.

A Nevada invoice factoring program, however, does not generate new debt because it is not a loan. Competitive rates allow you to incorporate the small cost of factoring into your business budget, and the expedited approval process means you will spend less time applying for cash and more time spending the cash you receive.

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