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September 14, 2022
Phil Cohen


Invoice Factoring Helps Nebraska Businesses Thrive

If you have a company that falls into one of these categories, Nebraska factoring companies can help you stay in business and prosper!

  • Start-ups trying to establish credit
  • Seasonal entities
  • Companies with poor credit or no credit
  • Businesses with cyclical sales
  • Companies that do not want to take on any debt

Whether your business is in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, or anywhere else in Nebraska, Factor Finders can help you get working capital by matching you with the best invoice factoring companies in Nebraska.

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Work with Nebraska Factoring Companies

We match your business with a Nebraska factoring company that will buy your open invoices for a discount and give you the cash. They bill your customers for the entire invoiced amount, and when paid in full, the balance is returned to you, minus a small factoring fee.

Why Choose Factor Finders?

Our reputation and decades of experience precedes us. We have developed and cultivated a network of Nebraska factoring companies that specialize in several industries and markets.

Once we understand your company’s specific needs, we match you with a specialist who will guide you through each step of the invoice factoring process.


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Invoice Factoring vs. Bank Loans

Bank loans take weeks or months for approval; however, invoice factoring approval takes just a few days.

  • 24-hour or less turnaround for cash disbursements
  • Simple paperwork process
  • No credit checks
  • No hidden fees
  • Flexible terms
  • Vendor discounts become an option
  • No loan to repay
  • No debt on balance sheet

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