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Wherever your business is in Michigan, we can help. We work with a network of Michigan factoring companies in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and everywhere in between that will improve your business’s financial state by invoice factoring.

We will pair your business with a Michigan factoring company that will buy your outstanding receivables at a discount, and then bill your clients for their total value. Once they are paid, discounted amount is returned to you, minus a small fee. Invoice factoring is an alternative to bank loans; in fact, it offers Michigan businesses more freedom than banks because of flexible terms. Additionally, through invoice factoring, businesses have no debt and no loans to repay.

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We also offer our clients special back office services, including, but not limited to reception desk, payroll, and invoice reconciliation. Our clients always tell us that they are pleased with our back office services. In addition, the services are both cost-effective, economical, and allow business owners to work on their businesses without the extra worries.

Benefits of Working With Michigan Factoring Companies

•  Paperwork is easy
•  Initial approval takes less than a week
•  24 hour funding
•  Michigan businesses need not show financials
•  Your business can accept larger orders
•  Taking advantage of vendors’ early pay discounts will save you money

Unlike Banks, A Michigan Factoring Company Can Help All Types Of Business, Even If They Are New Or Experiencing Extreme Financial Difficulties

  • Businesses that are just starting and need cash
  • Entities with poor credit
  • Companies with no credit history
  • Seasonal companies
  • Business that experience cyclical cash periods

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