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Massachusetts Invoice Factoring

October 4, 2022
Phil Cohen

Invoice Factoring in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state of many firsts, which means there are many startups that could benefit from the services of invoice factoring companies. Boston is the home of the first college, nationally known Harvard University. With that said, there is a community of dedicated workers, many who have their own businesses. Many of these businesses could benefit from having a little extra capital to work with. Let Factor Finders help you get the money you need to keep your business running smoothly through our partnership with invoice factoring companies in MA.

What Massachusetts Companies Should Know About Factoring

Invoice factoring is a way to get the money you have earned at a faster rate. Many businesses cannot wait 30-90 days for their clients to pay them when there are other jobs to be done. Invoice factoring is a transaction in which your invoices are sold to a factoring company and they advance you 95% of the amount while the remaining percentage is held in a reserve. After a three-day initial approval period, you will get your money within 24 hours. The invoice is then paid in full directly to the factor from the client. Once the payment is received, the reserve is paid to the business minus a factoring services fee.

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Invoice Factoring is a Nationwide Service

Your business can be in Boston, your client in Nantucket, and a factoring company in Salem can provide you invoice factoring services. Factor Finders also works with other factoring companies in the United States. There are no meetings necessary to get your money wired. You can then use the payment to fund your business in any way you want. After all, it is your money. Factor Finders will find the best invoice factoring company in their network to suit your needs.

Factor Finders will help you get the funds that you need, as fast as possible. Even the most successful businesses can’t wait extended periods of time to get paid, and we get that. Let us be the building block to pushing your business to the top with invoice factoring.

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How to Begin Massachusetts Invoice Factoring

Our application process takes 3 days. Your business credit will not be judged, but the credibility of your client. Once it is completed you will be able to receive your first invoice in 24 hours. This process is much faster and easier than a bank loan. A bank loan can take 30-90 days to get approved and you must put your personal or business assets as collateral. The only collateral factoring companies need are your account receivables. Contact us today to get a factoring quote for your Massachusetts business.

 Invoice Factoring Companies in MA Work with a Variety of Businesses

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