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Maine Invoice Factoring In Your Industry

Is poor cash flow interrupting your business operations? Have slow payments kept you from fulfilling your company’s obligations? No more worries! With Maine invoice factoring, you can close the cash flow gap and sail to success.

Whether you have a startup or an established company, from Augusta to Bar Harbor and anywhere in between, invoice factoring companies in Maine can help you obtain the funding your company needs to thrive.

Invoice Factoring is the Best Choice for Maine Businesses

Many companies depend upon traditional bank loans, which can take weeks or even months to go through. The process is time-consuming and involves meeting stringent criteria and collateral requirements to qualify. Even if you are approved for a conventional loan, you might not get the amount that you need. Additionally, you will end up with new debt on your balance sheet.

Invoice factoring offers an alternative funding option for Maine businesses that are struggling or looking to expand. There are many more advantages to invoice factoring over a traditional bank loan

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Invoice Factoring Benefits

•  Approval in as little as 3 to 5 business days
•  Receive funding within 24 hours after approval
•  Simple paperwork and streamlined underwriting process
•  No loan to repay
•  Startups and companies with bad credit can qualify
•  Approval based on your customers’ creditworthiness, not on your own credit
•  Flexible terms
•  Industry low factoring rates

Leave high-interest bank loans behind and move your business forward with Maine invoice factoring.

Benefits of Choosing Maine Factoring Companies

Control over operating costs

You choose which invoices to factor and when. Invoices only accrue fees once they have been purchased, no matter the invoice date. Moreover, there are no minimum or maximum amounts to factor so you can send in as much or as little as you need to cover your operating expenses.

Back office support

Your Maine factoring company will run credit checks on your customers and engage in collections efforts at no additional cost to you! Reinvest the money saved from your overhead into other critical areas of your company.

Peace of mind

Most importantly, with Maine invoice factoring you can eliminate the stress brought on by a cash flow crunch. Less time worrying about your working capital means more time to grow your business. Factor Finders will connect you with a Maine factoring company that will buy your qualified invoices at a discount. The factoring company collects from your customers according to the terms you have established with them. When the factor receives payment in full, the balance of the discount is returned to you minus a small factoring fee.

Maine Invoice Factoring is an Option for any Industry

Factor Finders has a wide network of Maine factoring partners with decades of experience providing top-quality service. Our partners specialize in several Maine industries and can customize a factoring program to navigate the unique requirements of each. Industries we serve include:

If your industry is not listed above, contact us directly for more information.

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