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Kentucky Factoring Companies For Small Businesses

Low on cash and need to keep your business running? Waiting on customers to pay your back? Can’t get a bank loan? Whether you’re a brand new business in need of funds or a business struggling to make ends meet, Factoring companies can help! Kentucky factoring companies collect payment directly from your customers, so you can qualify even with little or no established credit. No matter if you’re looking for a Louisville factoring company, or a factor elsewhere in the state, you can count on us to find you the best Kentucky factoring company to grow your business.

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Why Choose Factor Finders?

We care about our clients, and we work hard to help you meet your individual business goals. Our diverse network of Kentucky factoring companies enables us to match you with a factoring specialist and Kentucky factoring company that best fits your needs. Your factor becomes a part of your team and will always be available to help.

How does Invoice Factoring Work?

After your company is approved and set up to start factoring (usually within 3-5 business days), begin by submitting your unpaid invoices to the factor. You will receive as much as 98% percent of the invoice value within 24 hours of verification. When your customers pay, the factor will remit the balance of the discount, minus a small factoring fee. The best part? Factoring is flexible and according to YOUR schedule: when you need more funding, sell more invoices! Invoice factoring can free up the working capital you need to accept larger and more profitable orders and even take advantage of vendors’ early pay discounts!

Invoice Factoring: A Viable Alternative to Bank Loans

Bank loans can take months to get approved and will likely put your business in debt with high-interest fees. Invoice factoring offers an alternative to businesses that need funding. By factoring invoices, Kentucky businesses can get cash fast and improve their services. Factoring is quicker, easier, and safer than a bank loan:

  • No need for collateral
  • Flexible terms
  • No credit checks on your business
  • Build your own credit based on the credit of your customers
  • No loan to repay and no negative items on your balance sheet

Factoring Companies Help Kentucky Industries Thrive

No matter your industry, factoring invoices is quick and easy. Companies in Kentucky thrive when they use invoice factoring to achieve a steady cash flow. Our Kentucky factoring partners specialize in a variety of industries and will customize your factoring program based on your size and working capital needs. Businesses and owner-operators in all industries and financial situations should consider invoice factoring to boost cash flow and maximize profits.

Contact us even if you don’t see your industry listed above – we are always expanding our portfolio and can find the right factor to meet your needs.

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