Rising Number of Toll Roads Breeds Driver Consternation

Phil Cohen

Many states are trying to find alternative means to raise necessary infrastructure funds in order to avoid raising taxes. Toll roads are becoming the go-to solution, much to the dismay of drivers.

Federal and state governments use taxes on gasoline purchases to finance highway construction and repair. However, the federal government and many state governments have not raised that tax in 20 years or more. In Texas, this results in a five billion dollar funding gap that the state has tried to offset with the construction of new toll roads.

Toll roads will likely continue to boom in Texas and other states despite backlash from public representatives and private citizens, many of whom feel as if they’re being charged twice between gas taxes and tolls. That said, as oil prices continue to fall there is room for states to choose a modest gas tax increase over continued construction of toll roads.

Either way, the proliferation of toll roads throughout the country presents an added operating cost to owner-operators and fleet managers. Even in smaller states it may be impossible to map a delivery route that completely avoids toll roads. In urban areas, meanwhile, drivers may have entire routes that are paid with any free alternatives too far away to make the detour worthwhile.

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Phil Cohen

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