Dogs and Truckers: Which Breeds are Best for the Road?

Phil Cohen

It’s about time you had a driving companion, don’t you think? After all, driving across the country would be so much better with a friend by your side—or better yet, your best friend! Dogs have been keeping truckers company on their long road trips for years, but now it’s time for you to have a passenger pup of your own. So, what do you need to know about trucking with pets? Which dogs make the best trucking dogs? Dogs of all shapes and sizes can be fit for the road. But, some breeds travel better than others.

Here are some of the best dog breeds for truck drivers:

1. Bulldogs • Pugs


These pudgy breeds are perfect for riding shotgun in your truck because they’re small and don’t require a lot of exercise. They adapt well to the trucking lifestyle and are content with sitting for long periods of time.

Plus, their short coats shed minimally and won’t leave your truck looking like a shag rug. When deciding on this breed, keep your geography in mind. Bulldogs and pugs are perfect for truckers who deliver to mild-temperatures or colder areas, but don’t do well in overly hot desert areas.

2. Pitbulls • Boxers


These medium sized dogs are preferred by truck drivers because they are extremely loyal and make you feel safe on the road. Like bulldogs, their coats shed minimally and they will be happy to sit by your side during your deliveries. Since they are bigger and more active breeds, however, they will require a few more pit stops and walks to cure their restlessness.

3. Chihuahuas • Pomeranians • Miniature Dobermans


Toy breeds like these are excellent road companions. Their size, easy grooming, and even-tempers make them almost too easy to take anywhere you have to go. You’ll never have to worry about leaving them behind because most pet-friendly motels allow these pups to spend the night with you.

Like bulldogs and pugs, these little breeds are sensitive to temperature. Because of their size, they prefer warmer climates. Try to opt for bigger or hairier dog breeds if you mostly make deliveries in cold or snowy regions. Doggy sweaters are always an option, too!

4. Old Dogs

old dog

Old dogs can learn new tricks! When picking a trucker dog, older dogs are a great choice. You’ll never have to worry about puppy energy and many are already housebroken, so there’s no need to stop as frequently to avoid any accidents. Since older dogs are more complacent, they won’t require a lot of exercise, but will always be up to go for a walk at rest stops. Plus, older shelter dogs would love to be adopted to hit the road with you!

Once you pick the perfect breed, make sure you take the time to get your dog familiarized with your truck and get used to the noises that come with life on the road. After a few drives, your dog will be well adapted to the trucking lifestyle, and you’ll be happy to have a loyal driving buddy.

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