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September 14, 2022
Phil Cohen

Arkansas Factoring For Your Business

We help businesses in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, and everywhere else in Arkansas achieve success through invoice factoring. Businesses no longer need to rely on banks for the working capital they need because Arkansas factoring companies will help your firm get the cash it needs. Whether your business is a start-up in need of working capital, you have poor or no credit or even if your business is rapidly expanding, factoring can help you meet your business goals! We work with a network of Arkansas factoring companies and will match your business with an Arkansas factoring company that excells in your market!

How Arkansas Invoice Factoring Works

After a simple paperwork process, initial approval to begin factoring is only 3-5 business days. After that, an invoice factoring company will buy your eligible open invoices at a discount and give you up to 98% of the total amount. Meanwhile, they’ll bill your clients for the total amount of the invoices. When they are paid in full, you receive the balance of the discounted amount, minus a small fee. There are no hidden fees and no credit check required for your company. Once you begin factoring, you’ll be able to take advantage of vendors’ early pay discounts, as well as gain the ability to accept larger and more profitable orders. You can begin to build your own credit by selling your own receivables.


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Arkansas Invoice Factoring is Different Than a Bank Loan

Regulations often make loan applications for banks long and tedious. Additionally, businesses must show proof of sufficient collateral, such as machinery or equipment. If approved, your business might not get all the funding it needs. Factoring allows you to receive the working capital that you need without adding anymore debt to your books. Because factoring isn’t a loan, there’s nothing to repay and accrued interest! Also, we will only run a credit check on your customers. Because they are the ones are liable for their invoices, we’re more concerned with their ability to pay their debts.

Arkansas Invoice Factoring: For Any Industry

Factor Finders works with only the best invoice factoring companies. We strive for first-rate customer service and will match you with an Arkansas invoice factoring company that are experts in your field–offering you knowledge, proficiency and decades worth of experience.


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