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Invoice Factoring Companies in Washington

Washington, named after one of our great founding fathers, has the potential for successful small businesses with the assistance of invoice factoring companies. Following California, Washington is the most populous state on the west side of the United States. It is the leading lumber producer, which means many freight businesses on the rise.

Invoice factoring companies in Washington can provide your business with the needed funds to continue on a steady cash flow cycle. Let Factor Finders find you the best factoring company dependent on your industry and needs.

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What Invoice Factoring is All About

Invoice factoring takes your hard earned money out of limbo and puts it into your pocket. Factoring companies will take your account receivables as collateral. Factoring companies in WA will then advance you up to 95% of your receivable and hold the rest in a reserve.  The receivables are then paid directly to the factor from the customer. Once the money is received, the factor will pay the remaining reserve to the business minus a factoring fee.

Freight Factoring in Seattle, WA

There is a large need for freight factoring companies in Seattle, Washington because of the heavy lumber supply. Freight factoring is a simple process that eliminates unnecessary paperwork and focuses on getting you funded. Once you are approved, the factor will deposit cash in your bank account within 24 hours – all you need are copies of your freight bills!

  1. You haul your loads as usual and send the freight bill or copy to the Washington truck factoring company.
  2. The factor verifies your load has been received and advances you cash within 24 hours, no matter where in the United States your customers are.
  3. Use the cash you receive to purchase or upgrade equipment, pay for gas, pay bills, payroll, or otherwise run your business.
  4. Your customers will pay the trucking factor directly
  5. The factor will remit any remaining invoice amounts to you, minus their fee

How to Get Approved

Approval for Washington business factoring takes up to 3 days. Once approved and verification has been done with your client about the said invoices, money will be wired to your business in 24 hours. Contracts are open ended and you may choose what invoices to factor. You may also choose what expenses you use your money on.

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