Travel Chain Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit

Phil Cohen

The punches keep on coming for Pilot Flying J travel centers, as another class-action lawsuit has been filed against the beleaguered company. The suit claims that Pilot has withheld tens of millions of dollars in rebates to trucking companies since 2005 and accuses the company of a number of things including fraud, concealment, breach of contract, conversion, unjust enrichment and deceptive trade practices. The plaintiff suing Pilot is owner/operator Mike Campbell of Holmes County, Mississippi. For himself and the others in the suit he is seeking compensatory and punitive damages and repayment of expenses occurring in the litigation.

This new litigation just goes to show that you don’t mess with truck drivers, as Pilot is all too well-aware of now. We’ll see if this case gets settled like CEO Jimmy Haslam wants, or goes the way the lawyers probably want and turns into a long battle in the courts. Either way, Pilot is likely to pay.

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Phil Cohen

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