Logistics’ Future May Lie in Tech Companies

Phil Cohen

In the July issue of Wired magazine, Marcus Wohlsen paints a compelling picture of the potential (and likely) near-future of logistics. His argument: innovators like Amazon and Google will spearhead the tech transition to getting real products in the hands of consumers even faster.

Amazon in particular has perfected its fulfillment operations to achieve same- and next-day deliveries by “reengineer[ing] its distribution centers according to rules that make computer sense rather than common sense”, building new fulfillment centers in closer proximity to large metro areas for faster delivery, and working on their patented “anticipatory package shipping” algorithms to predict what customers will order next.

If Amazon and other tech companies are able to apply their existing practices to the distribution of physical retail, they could completely redefine the future of logistics and create the potential for booming growth in other sectors. Manufacturers, trucking companies and others that become part of the “last mile” supply chain will have a significant advantage in the changing retail, economic, and logistics landscape ahead.

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