Out-of-this-World Facts about the Trucking Industry

September 28, 2022
Phil Cohen

Do you know how many highway miles the trucking industry travels each year? The size of the trucking shortage? How many trips to the moon the trucking industry makes each year?

Trucking Industry Facts

Check out the infographic above and wrap your head around these out-of-this-world facts about the trucking industry:

  • Truck driving is the most common profession in 29 out of the 50 U.S. states
  • 29.3% of truckers are between the ages of 45-54
  • Only 4.9% of drivers are younger than 24
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics opines that the number of truck driving jobs is set to increase by 21% by the year 2022.
  • There is currently a shortage of 48,000 truck drivers in the United States
  • Each year, the trucking industry travels 93.5 million highway miles—enough to make 195,713 round trips to the moon!
  • Semi-trucks need the length of an entire football field to come to a full stop
  • The trucking industry loses $50 billion per year because of traffic
  • The top commodities transported via truck are food/agricultural products, machinery/electrical products, furniture and clothing
  • The average truck’s engine has between 400-600 horsepower
  • Truck engines usually last 1 million miles of usage
  • Each truck engine can hold 15 gallons of oil
  • The typical truck only gets 8 miles per gallon

We hope that you enjoy the infographic and the trucking industry facts within it—you never know when your trucking trivia will be put to the test! It can never hurt to know these facts and figures.

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