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It does not matter where your business is in North Carolina. If you are in Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Asheville, Wilmington, or anywhere else in the Tar Heel State, EZ Invoice Factoring can get you the funding you need. We work with a network of reputable North Carolina factoring companies that help businesses improve their cash flow by invoice factoring.

We will pair your business with a North Carolina factoring company that will buy your open invoices at a discount. After you receive the cash, the factoring company will bill your customers for the full amount of the invoices. Then, when paid in full, the remainder of the balance is returned to you minus a small service fee.

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What Types of Businesses Work with Factoring Companies in North Carolina?

•  Businesses growing so rapidly that their working capital cannot keep up
•  Companies struggling with downturns in sales
•  Entities starting up and in need of funding

We extend credit terms to companies based on their qualifying accounts receivable, and aid North Carolina businesses in getting the working capital they need.

Invoice Factoring Benefits Include:

  • Initial approval in 3 to 5 business days
  • You get funding within 24 hours
  • No loan to repay and no debt on balance sheet
  • No credit check — we rely on your customers’ credit

Why Should I Choose a North Carolina Factoring Company Over Traditional Bank Lending?

The process of approving bank loans is cumbersome because regulations force banks to conduct detailed credit checks. Plus, if your business lacks sufficient working capital, you will probably not get an approval.

If the bank approves your loan, you may not receive all the funding you need. Regardless of how much capital you get, you still have to repay your loan, which appears as a negative on your balance sheet.

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