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Louisiana is home to the best cultural explorations in food and music and a booming sugarcane industry that can benefit from invoice factoring companies. New Orleans is a busy city where people from all over come to experience the culture from the small businesses that make it great. Invoice factoring can give you access to your money faster, with zero debt. Factor Finders will partner you with the best invoice factoring companies in Louisiana to suit your needs.

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Why Invoice Factor in the Bayou State?

Invoice factoring is not a loan. The loan process can take 30-90 days to complete, and most businesses simply cannot wait that long. The application process only takes three days to complete. First an invoice factoring company will verify with your customer that the invoices are valid. They will then purchase your account receivables and advance you up to 95% of the invoice. The rest will be held in a reserve. The invoice amount is then paid to the factor from the customer. Once received, the factor will release the reserve to the business minus a factoring fee. It’s a quick and simple process. Contracts are open-ended and you can use your funds in any way that you choose. Let Factor Finders partner you with a Louisiana invoice factoring company, get you funded within 24 hours, all without ever leaving your office.

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Simply fill out our form to get a quote. We will then contact you with an application and have you funded in no time. We partner you with business professional Louisiana invoice factoring companies that are dedicated to giving you the best service possible. We take a keen interest in our clients. Once we understand your specific business needs, we match you to a factor that we believe will help you best. We have partnerships with many different factoring companies and have years of experience working with factoring needs. In addition to invoice factoring, many companies offer valuable back office services including: payroll, invoice reconciliation, front desk services, and more.

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Slow paying clients can be tough to deal with. We understand at Factor Finders that you respect their business and want keep ties. Let us do the waiting and get you funded fast through a Louisiana factoring company. Factor Finders has nationwide connections that can help you no matter the distance. Factor Finders can assist you with Louisiana invoice factoring whether your business is in New Orleans, or Monroe.

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