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September 14, 2022
Phil Cohen

Iowa Factoring Companies For Your Business

If your business is in Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, or anywhere else, and struggling with its cash flow or making payroll, an Iowa factoring company can get you the necessary cash today. Even the most successful companies deal with periods of slow cash flow due to seasonal sales patterns and slow paying clients. Lack of cash flow happens, but it doesn’t need to be a burden!

About Iowa Invoice Factoring

The application process is brief, easy and approval usually takes less than a week. Once your account is set up, an invoice factoring company will buy the open invoices you’d like to factor and you will receive cash disbursements (between 70 and 98% of your invoice total) within 24 hours. Then, your client will be billed by the factoring company for the total amount. Once they collect payment in full from your customer, you will receive the balance, minus a small fee for utilizing factoring services. This creates a perfect opportunity for your business to take advantave of discounts for early pay and even accept more business. Terms are flexible and there is no loan to repay or more debt added to your balance sheet.

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What Sets Iowa Factoring Apart

We work with a nationwide network of invoice factoring companies in Iowa and throughout the US and Canada. No two businesses are alike; therefore, we treat our clients as individuals. We get to know our client’s business and its specific needs, and then we match your business with an Iowa factoring company that we know will be the best fit. We work with a variety of Iowa factoring companies that specialize in numerous industries, so we are sure to have a match for your business’s invoice factoring needs.

Factoring companies also offer back office services, including payroll, billing, and invoice reconciliation. Back office services save small business owners time and money because it means you can actually get back to what’s most important – running your business.

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There’s an Iowa Factoring Company for Many Industries

No matter if you’re a recent startup or a long-established business, invoice factoring can work for you. Bad business or personal credit? Lack of credit or billing history? No problem! Invoice factoring companies base approval on the credit strength of your clients. Since the amount of funding is unlimited, factoring is the perfect tool to grow your business. Plus, now you can extend longer payment terms to attract new clients. Here is a sample of the various industries served by Iowa factoring companies:

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