House Bill Seeks to Remove Public CSA Scores

July 14, 2022
Phil Cohen

Congress has taken up the debate over public CSA scores.

Last month, a number of trucking industry groups called on Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx to take down public carrier scores on the CSA’s Safety Measurement System. Now, they have gained the support of Congressman Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, who introduced legislation last week that would require the FMCSA to comply.

The Safer Trucks and Buses Act, which is currently in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, would compel FMCSA to revise their standards for issuing CSA scores according to a plan and timeline submitted to Congress. In the meantime, currently public CSA scores would be taken down – though they could potentially become public again once Congress approves the FMCSA’s changes.

Significant criticisms of the CSA’s current scoring system include unfair burdens on small fleets and single owner-operators; the validity and weight of certain scoring areas; and the threshold at which a fleet receives a CSA score. Rep. Barletta presented the experience of one of his constituents, a small fleet owner that suffered unduly because of the actions of a single driver – whom, he noted, “was promptly dismissed in accordance with company policy.”

Trucking groups that have lobbied for such a change are applauding the introduction of the House bill. According to tracking site GovTrack, the bill has an 18 percent chance of passing a committee vote and presently an 8 percent chance of being enacted.

Whether or not CSA’s measurement systems are updated, trucking companies must invest in proper driver training, equipment, and fleet management to avoid a negative ranking. If insufficient cash flow is preventing your trucking company from staying on top of safety requirements, Factor Finders can help you find a truck factoring company to close the gap. Contact Factor Finders today to learn more about truck factoring and request a free quote for service.

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