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September 14, 2022
Phil Cohen

Hawaii Factoring Companies For Small Businesses

Are you having difficulty with cash flow or have you been turned down by the bank for a loan? Have you been forced to turn away business because of inadequate funding? If so, Factor Finders can help your business by matching your corporation to the top Hawaiifactoring companies that will solve your cash flow problems by invoice factoring. Conventional bank loans can take a long time to procure and you may not get all of the funding you need. Invoice factoring is the comprehensive business solution you’ve been looking for.

Factor Finders Helps a Variety of Businesses

  • Companies that are growing quickly, but lack the funding to sustain such growth
  • New businesses in need of capital
  • Entities experiencing a drop in sales
  • Companies with poor credit or no credit

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What Is Factoring And How Does It Work?

Invoice factoring is a true win-win solution for companies with cash flow issues. It is not a loan, and we do not ask you for any credit information. Instead, we use your customers’ good credit. Approval to begin factoring is fast–usually between 3 to 5 business days. Then, a Hawaii factoring company will buy your open invoices at a discount and advance you the cash within 24 hours. They will bill your customers at the terms you already established with them, and, when paid in full, you are given the remainder of the discount, minus a small factoring fee. The paperwork is ismple and there are no hidden fees. An account manager will be assigned to work with you directly and can even provide billing services so you don’t have to!

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