5 Most Dangerous States for Drivers

state map for the 4 dangerous states for drivers

You hear people from one state complain about the “crazy driving” of people from another state all of the time. But which states really have the most dangerous drivers? According to recent studies, here are the five states with the biggest traffic problems and accident rates in the country.

Top 5 States with Traffic and Accident Rates

1. Montana

Montana drivers are among the top offenders for nearly every measure of bad driving. According to a Car Insurance Comparison (CIC) study, Montana drivers have the highest rate of drunk driving in the United States. They also ranked in the top five for careless or reckless driving, road rage, and failure to obey road signs in an Auto Insurance Center (AIC) study.

2. South Carolina

The Palmetto State can be a very dangerous place to drive as well. AIC research pins South Carolina in the top five for road rage, improper lane changing, failure to yield, and driving on the wrong side of the road—yikes. And to make matters worse, the AIC finds that South Carolina has the highest fatality rate in the whole country.

3. North Dakota

While North Dakota’s driving statistics in some categories are quite safe and impressive, their high rate of drunk driving and failure to yield the right of way places them amongst the most dangerous driving states in both the CIC and AIC studies.

4. Texas

With sky-high rates of drunk driving and accident fatalities, the Lone Star State is not easy to drive through.

5. Louisiana

Both the AIC and CIC have found the Bayou State to have one of the highest rates of fatalities and careless driving. Although it has consistently been improving in such categories, Louisiana still has a long way to go before it can be considered a safe state to drive in.

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