Save Time & Money With D.I.Y Semi-Truck Repair

Trips to the repair shop with your semi takes a chunk of time out of your day and a lump of cash out of your wallet. Limit them as much as possible by doing your own semi-truck maintenance and repair.

Reasons to Do Your Own Semi Truck Repair


Save Time

Repair shops can take hours to fix even the most menial problems with your semi-truck. By fixing problems with your truck yourself, you’ll be able to take all that time spent in shop waiting rooms and put it to use.

There is a small learning curve when it comes to working on vehicles, but once you figure out how to repair and maintain a semi truck, you’ll be flying through the process.

Save Money

Repair shops also have a nasty reputation for charging their customers more than necessary for even the most common semi truck breakdowns. Shops charge not only for the parts used in the repair but also for labor.

Save money by cutting out labor costs and becoming a do-it-yourself semi-truck owner operator.

Learn About Your Truck

In addition to saving time and money, learning how to repair your semi truck also lets you quickly learn about the inner workings of your high horse powered vehicle. Knowing the makeup of your semi truck and the sounds that it naturally makes helps you diagnose problems and easier fix them.

Know When to Call a Professional

Knowing how to maintain your semi-truck has another perk: knowing when there is something seriously broken that needs to be assessed and fixed by a professional. There are a lot of things that owner-operations should know to ensure they can fix some of the most common semi-truck breakdowns, but there are some that should definitely be addressed only by someone who is trained at repairing 18-wheelers.


Fixes for Some of the Most Common Semi Truck Breakdowns

One of the easiest and fastest ways to learn how to repair your semi truck is by following video tutorials. Video tutorials allow you to visually follow along with someone else working on the exact make, model and problem you are working on. It’s easier than following pictures in a book and, best of all, it’s free!


Example Repair Video Tutorials

Radiator Repair

Coolant leak

Changing lights

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