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C.H. Robinson Invoice Factoring

September 30, 2022
Phil Cohen

Get the cash you need to complete your haul by factoring your C.H. Robinson invoices with EZ Invoice Factoring. Our business can pair you with a factoring company that meets your needs, whether that be fuel cards, fuel advances or a specific advance rate.


How To Factor C.H. Robinson Invoices


1. Deliver the load(s) and fill out an invoice factoring application.

2. Get matched with a factoring company based on your needs.

3. Submit your unpaid invoices to your factoring company.

4. Receive cash in as quick as 24 hours!

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You don’t have to continue carrying loads without wondering when the delivery payment will hit your bank account. Factoring your C.H. Robinson invoices can put cash in your pocket in a quick, hassle-free, fee-free way.

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Benefits of Factoring C.H. Robinson Invoices


Factoring is flexible:

You’re not required to sign any long-term contracts or meet monthly minimums. You can factor what you want for however long you want.


Factoring is fast:

Your C.H. Robinson invoices can be funded the same day you submit them.


Factoring offers options:

You can choose either a recourse or non-recourse factoring program – both without long-term contracts or minimum volumes.

Recourse factoring requires the business owner to pay the invoice amount if the client tries to pay.

Non-recourse factoring requires the factoring company to cover the invoice amount if the client fails to pay. This means slightly higher fees, but is lower risk.


Factoring grows with you:

The more invoices you have, the more you can factor. Use the extra funding to purchase new equipment, hire new workers or make repairs on your trucks.


Factoring doesn’t have hidden fees:

We lay everything out for you – how much you get from each invoice and when it will hit your account.

About C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is one of the largest multimodal transportation and third-party logistics company in the United States. The Fortune 500 company has over 12,000 active customers and works with 15,000 different supply chain experts to ensure their clients find the best transportation solutions.


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