Trucking Guide to Texas Highways Effected by Hurricane

Texas Highways Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Editor’s Note: This article contains outdated content, but has been left up for anyone searching for this information. Check the Factor Finders blog section to find our more recent content. Texas highways that are popular ... Read more

Trucking Guide to the Worst Highways in the US

The Worst Highways in the United States

It is clear that the condition of the interstate system is a costly problem for owner-operators and truckers nationwide—but which highways, cities and states are the worst perpetrators? Read on and learn which interstates, cities ... Read more

Trucking Guide to the Best Songs to Drive To

Top Truck Driving Songs for the Road

The 20 Best Driving Songs of All Time Life on the road as a trucker can be hard, and time can seem to go by at such a slow pace when you’re driving. Finding things ... Read more

Trucking Guide to Getting Your Own Trucking Authority

How to Get Your Trucking Authority and Be Your Own Boss

Obtaining Your Motor Carrier Authority Nothing beats becoming your own boss—this is especially true within the trucking industry. As a truck driver, you have an inside look at one of the American economy’s most important ... Read more

Trucking Guide For How Owner-Operators File Taxes

How to File Taxes for Owner-Operators

Learning how to file taxes as an owner-operator can be stressful while trying to run a successful trucking business. Since you own your trucking business, you are responsible for preparing your trucking company’s tax return. ... Read more

Trucking Guide to the Unwritten Rules of the Road

The Unwritten Rules Truckers Should Know

The secret rules truckers have taken years to figure out and master, especially as a new trucker who has only had a few hauls. Although a lot of unwritten rules of the road take experience ... Read more

Trucking Guide to the ELD Mandate

The Trucker’s Guide to the ELD Mandate

On December 18, 2017, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate took effect in the U.S. trucking industry. Surely, as a member of the transportation industry, you’ve heard a great deal of (predominantly negative) chatter about ... Read more

Trucking Guide to Truck Driver Salaries

How Much Money Does a Truck Driver Make?

The Income of a Truck Driver Truck driving salary remains low despite increasing demand There is a troubling condition developing in the U.S. economy that has received a great deal of press over the last ... Read more

93.5 million highway miles traveled every year by truck drivers

Out-of-this-World Facts about the Trucking Industry

Do you know how many highway miles the trucking industry travels each year? The size of the trucking shortage? How many trips to the moon the trucking industry makes each year? Trucking Industry Facts Check ... Read more

semi truck driving toward yellow sunset

Uber Freight: The New Freight Broker on the Block

Uber Freight has successfully changed the way online load boards are accessed and utilized. By taking inspiration from their successful ride-sharing app and transitioning it to be trucker-centric, Uber has designed a way for drivers ... Read more

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