9 Trucking Tips for Owner-Operators

Top 9 Trucking Tips for New Owner-Operators

Are you an owner-operator or thinking of becoming one? The trucking industry can get competitive and as it grows, there are more opportunities to make money independently. Becoming can owner-operator presents the chance to be ... Read more

Pilot Flying J Fuel Rebate Scandal: What’s Going On?

Editor’s note: This article contains outdated content but has been left up for anyone searching for this information. Check the EZ Invoice Factoring blog section to find our more recent content. In April, federal agents stormed the ... Read more

Increasing Costs and Regulations Hurt Small Trucking Companies

According to an article from Commercial Carrier Journal, the American Trucking Association (ATA) Chairman and Combined Transport President Mike Card told attendees at the Great West Fleet Conference that smaller carriers can’t function with the ... Read more

Travel Chain Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit

The punches keep on coming for Pilot Flying J travel centers, as another class-action lawsuit has been filed against the beleaguered company. The suit claims that Pilot has withheld tens of millions of dollars in ... Read more

Cars vs Trucks: What is the Bigger Highway Threat

 What’s the bigger threat on the road – cars or trucks? The US Department of Transportation created this infographic to end the debate once and for all. The verdict? Cars are a greater danger by ... Read more

Truck Factoring 101: Factoring Glossary

This glossary of truck factoring terms offers a quick rundown of what you need to know to begin factoring trucking invoices. Account Creditor:  The operator (owner) of the transportation company that uses truck factoring for ... Read more

white semi truck driving on highway

Truck Factoring 101: Transportation Factoring Basics

The trucking industry is the backbone of the nation’s economy. The transportation industry employs over 13 million Americans (about 10% of the U.S. labor force) and moves trillions of dollars worth of goods every year. ... Read more

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