Invoice Factoring for Apparel Companies

Apparel Invoice Factoring Companies

Factor Finders can help make your clothing design dreams a reality. Collect much needed working capital through apparel invoice factoring to create designs and establish brands.

Apparel invoice factoring helps companies in the clothing and textile industry quickly get their business to the next level. Many clothing companies think their only financing options are bank loans. On the contrary, invoice factoring specialists can access these funds through apparel factoring. Unlike banks and traditional lenders, the process does not involve complicated financial analyses or industry projections. You receive generous credit lines based on the value of your invoices and financial strength of your customers.

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We want small brands to grow and thrive in an industry where only major brands have found success in the past. As one financial analyst recently said: “the smaller companies are the ones that make apparel exciting.” Factor Finders can help your small or medium sized apparel company secure needed funding!

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Apparel Invoice Factoring Evolution

The textile and apparel industry has benefited from apparel invoice factoring for centuries. European textile mills selling to stateside agents inspired the present United States apparel industry. The agents received commissions and handled shipping arrangements for the mills.

With apparel invoice factoring, cash reaches your account in days so you can pay distributors and suppliers up front. Stop juggling your orders and stretching your finances! Get cash in order to quickly and efficiently finance all aspects of your business. Increase your purchasing and growth potential!

Our mission is to get you working capital in days instead of months. Generate cash while you continue to establish relationships with clients and extend generous credit terms.

Here’s how Factor Finders apparel invoice factoring process works:

•  EZ Invoice Factoring connects you with an apparel factoring specialist.
•  The apparel factoring specialist will forward you 80 percent of invoice values upon receive invoices.
•  Your customer pays the apparel factoring company the invoice amount.
•  You receive the remainder of the invoice value minus the factoring fee after the customers pay. 

Apparel invoice factoring benefits apparel companies as no debt is added to their balance sheet and no collateral is required! Instead, invoices are simply converted to an asset. Simply submit more invoices to increase you line of credit.

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