Eco-Friendly Trucking: 5 Easy Ways You Can Go Green

Phil Cohen

The state of the environment is on everyone’s minds as of late—and it should be on yours, too. Gas and fossil fuel emission are one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases. But, there are ways to reduce how much goes into the environment, and it starts with you. Do these five things and you’ll be on the way to eco-friendly trucking.

Why should I become an eco-friendly truck driver?

  • It saves you money. One of the main benefits of sustainable transport is the fact that it keeps money in your pocket.
  • It’s good for the planet. Truckers should go green because it’s good for our environment. Greenhouse gases are one of the main causes of global warming. If truckers, who are always on the road, take a few extra precautions to conserve energy and prevent unnecessary waste, it will go a long way.
  • It’s easy. Being an eco-friendly truck driver requires minimal effort.

How can I be an eco-friendly truck driver?

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Plan your routes.

If you need to take your load from point A to point B, plan how you’re going to do it. Being a green trucker is as easy as using a GPS or figuring out your route the night before. Getting lost means you’re using up unnecessary gas, which hurts the environment. It also means you have to fill up more often, which hurts your wallet.

Also, try to get on the road when there is less traffic. If you know your route pretty well, you can estimate traffic and know how to avoid it. Having your truck sitting idle on the road burns through gas pretty fast (unless you use an electric truck). Try to keep your truck rolling at a steady speed throughout your route. If you can leave earlier or later than normal rush hour traffic times, you’ll be fine!

If you’re hauling a load in unfamiliar territory and still want to avoid traffic, consider using the best apps for truckers. There are ones you can download to your smartphone that can predict traffic and hazards for you. Waze is one of the best. It lets you know where traffic is, what the delay looks like, and suggests a faster route for you. It does all of this in real-time, so even if your planned route goes haywire, you can stop idling and get out of a standstill fast.

Drive smarter.

One of the easiest ways to become an eco-friendly trucker is by adopting green driving habits. If you need gas, try filling up in the morning. Fuel expands in the heat, meaning if you fill up in the morning when the temperature is low, you’ll get more gas in your tank per gallon than if you filled up during the day.

Become a more environmentally sustainable transporter by maintaining a normal speed while on the highway. Stopping and starting make your engine work harder, meaning your truck will use more fuel. The same goes for idling. If you can turn your truck off, do it!

Go paperless.

Although many truck drivers are against the ELD mandate, it does have one thing going for it: it’s green! Because it logs hours electronically, it reduces the need for truckers to write down their driving hours on paper.

If you weren’t one of the truckers made to follow the ELD mandate, consider logging your hours on the road on your phone instead. The average person in the United States uses about seven trees worth of paper per year— save money on paper products and help the environment. Just another reason why truckers should go green.


If you’re trying to be a green truck driver, recycling should be at the top of your to-do list. If you decide you can’t commit to being paperless, recycle!

Keep a bag in your truck do put paper and plastic products. You wouldn’t believe how many of the products you use daily can actually be recycled instead of thrown away. Many gas stations and truck stops have areas where recycling can be dropped off. Can’t find a place to drop it off? Locate a recycling station near you using Earth911.

Bring snacks and food in reusable containers to cut down on the paper and plastic products you’d buy while eating out. Invest in canvas bags so you don’t have to keep accumulating plastic ones. Fill your own container with coffee instead of getting a to-go cup every time – up to a half a million disposable coffee cups are littered every day.

If you have old tires and cartons, recycle them. Almost everything we use on the daily can be recycled into something else. Oftentimes, places offer discounts or tax breaks for recycling products. Help the earth and your wallet by putting in the extra effort needed to reuse your goods.

Maintain your truck.

Being an eco-friendly truck driver is as easy as taking care of your truck. Yes, keeping your truck working like a well-oiled machine makes it more environmentally sustainable. It’s been proven that regular maintenance on a semi-truck reduces the amount of carbon monoxide emissions it produces. Keeping your engine air filter clean alone can improve fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent.

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Do you know what else is green? Money. If you need some of it to maintain your truck or fill up your gas tank, try freight factoring. It’s fast, it’s easy – and yes – it’s paperless. If you need help  on how to choose a truck factoring company, contact us today and we can help you make the best decision for your business.

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