Top Smartphone Apps for Truck Drivers in 2022

Phil Cohen

Isn’t it amazing, all the stuff that your smartphone can do? Calls, texts, internet, email, calendars, GPS—no doubt, you use it for almost everything. There are options for the best trucking apps.

But do you use it to save money on the job? If not, there’s a good chance you are missing out on either saving cash or earning more. There are hundreds of tailor-made apps for truckers, owner-operators and small trucking fleet owners—all of which were designed to help you save time and money. We’ve narrowed it down the list down to the best apps for truckers to use in 2022.

Want in on the savings?

Check out this list of the best apps for truckers in 2022.


Do you hate getting caught up at a weight station? Say no more. Drivewyze features an app that truckers can use to bypass those pesky weigh stations. The company provides bypasses in 36 states and over 600 inspection sites. Drivewyze touts improved CSA scores with the help of inspection notifications that will keep drivers alert and safe. Interested? They offer a free 30-day trial for drivers and fleets alike, making it one of the best trucking apps.


When using hundreds of gallons of gas, savings add up. This free app gives truckers access to diesel prices for gas stations all over the country. It allows drivers to find the cheapest fuel, locate nearby fueling stations and sort them by fuel prices, view gas stations, and see gas station features.

Overdrive’s Trucker Tools

When it comes to apps for truckers, this one does a little bit of everything. It gives you the weather forecast, finds you rest stops, gives you access to Overdrive online magazine, has a message board and a load tracker—all of which you can keep with you 24/7 in your pocket.

Weigh My Truck App

Hate wasting time walking inside to pay at weigh stations? Unable to bypass a station? This app is built to work with CAT Scales to save drivers time at the weigh stations. Weigh your truck and pay for your weight using your smartphone at the scale. No need to leave your truck. The app accesses your location, you fill in your truck and trailer info and pay straight from the app. A copy of your weigh ticket is emailed to you (although you could still opt for a hard copy). Available for iOS and Android.

Trucker Path Pro

Available on Google Play and iTunes, Trucker Path Pro is a comprehensive smartphone app that allows truckers to share the tricks of the trade on an interactive map. Need to know where to park in San Jose? Where to fill up in Cleveland? If so, Trucker Path Pro has got you covered. And now, it is all the more useful, as it has its new Truck Posting feature, which allows you to let brokers know when you are ready to haul a new load wherever you happen to be. This way, brokers can proactively reach out to you.

CoPilot Truck Navigation

This mobile voice-activated GPS app helps truckers calculate the most efficient route, highlights potential commercial vehicle restrictions based on the type of load you’re hauling and identifies the best route for multi-stop trips. A huge benefit of CoPilot is that the GPS can work offline, saving your data for better activities. CoPilot Truck is available for Android and iPhone and runs about $119.99 for a 1-year subscription.


Manage your entire trucking business with this app. TruckLogics can handle fleets of any size with multiple pricing packages. The preferred pricing plan is for owner-operators with 1-2 trucks and runs about $29.95 per month.  All your records are stored in the cloud giving you 24/7 access to any important documents. Use the application to manage your invoices, dispatches, maintenance and your payroll. Need to send BOL documents? TruckLogics can easily send documents – take a picture on your phone and upload it into the app to send by email. Keep track of your dispatch details, upload your fuel receipts and more. This app makes it easier for owner-operators to manage their business on-the-road.

Big Road

Writing out a logbook is so twentieth-century—get Big Road and use their digital logbook program. It cuts down on the human error, saves you time and also comes with an interactive map that can help you limit your time wasted sitting in traffic.  The app will automatically calculate available drive time based on your HOS rules.


Never overpay for diesel gas again. Fuelbook specializes in helping truckers find the best gas prices at over 5,000 gas stations and truck stops nationwide. The pennies saved at the pump can really add up, and the app is free. Give it a try.

Cost Per Mile

Is math not your strong suit? No problem—the cost per mile app keeps track of your all of your trucking business expenses, making sure that you always know what you’re spending per mile so that you can focus on turning a profit.


This app is universally useful for any businessperson—if contracts, receipts or paperwork are bogging you down, get CamScanner and save them in the cloud. Once they’re saved, your documents can be emailed or faxed to whoever you need, wherever you need.

Factoring for Freight

Lose It!

It is really hard for truckers to stay in shape considering their unorthodox work schedule and constant travel. But if you are making a conscious effort to shed some pounds and live a healthier lifestyle, give “Lose It!” a try. Lose It is a program that helps you track your food intake, your workout history and also helps you get connected with other individuals with the same goals or that can help you achieve your own.

Audio Books

Take a guess at what this app does. Yep, it’s blatantly obvious—this app can provide truckers with endless books on tape to purchase for the long rides. And what the app lacks in title-creativity, it makes up for in selection, as it has over 350,000 titles available (10,000+ free of charge).


One of the pioneers of online trucking databasing/mapping, Allstays has been helping truckers find the rest stop that they are looking for. With a powerful search feature, truckers can simply type in what type of stop or service that they need to find, and Allstays will point them in the right direction. Whether truckers are looking for a stop that offers laundry, showers, a game room, TripPak or bulk DEF dispensers, the app points them in the right direction. Want to find a truck stop with a particular food option like McDonald’s? The app can sort by restaurants too!

iExit Trucks

An easy way to identify truck-friendly businesses (and the cheapest diesel prices) at nearly every interstate exit in the United States. iExit is another mobile app that helps truckers find pit stops along any interstate. Find fuel, lodging, shopping, food, healthcare services, auto parts stores and more for every exit on your route.

uShip Mobile

Making it easy to bid on loads that people and businesses need shipped, this app lets drivers find nearby loads, place bids, get automatic notices that let them know when a bid is accepted or declined. Furthermore, truckers can view booking details and use optional GPS tracking to alert shippers and consignees to ETAs.


Most GPS and interactive mapping programs have dabbled in traffic alerts/navigation in hazardous conditions. Waze simply does it best. With a unique interface that is user-friendly and detailed, this app will tell you exactly what obstacles lie ahead on a particular route and then suggest which alternative you ought to take. It also can send you to the cheapest gas station in your area when it’s time to fill up.

Weather Channel App

A reliable and easy to use weather app. Check the radar and forecast by the hour to know exactly what mother nature has in store for your trek.

Hopefully, this list of the best trucking apps helps drivers, small fleet owners and owner-operators find some useful smartphone tools for the job. Today, it is easier than ever to operate efficiently in the transportation industry—but are your finances efficient, too? If you are prevented from taking on new business endeavors because of slow-paying shippers and brokers, there is an easy solution— factoring freight bills. Like the multifarious smartphone apps that help truckers run more efficiently, freight factoring provides a dynamic set of financial services that allow companies in the transportation industry to ditch their cash flow problems and focus on expanding their business. With perks like fuel advances, fuel discounts and free credit checks, working with the best truck factoring company can help your trucking business grow.





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